Romney’s National Security Adviser? Burisma Board Member Cofer Black


Interestingly, – Romney’s 2012 national security adviser sits on the board of Burisma. Just who in the world is one J. Cofer Black?

Why would Mitt Romney need a retired CIA spook as his national security adviser during his run for President? Why would Burisma want an old CIA spook on its Board?  Blackwater ring a bell? Someone who has about as much experience in energy as Hunter Biden?

The mystery. Yesterday I touched on Mitt Romney, Burisma and his demand for testimony from his BFF John Bolton.

John Bolton – pocketed $115,000 from Ukraine oligarch, Clinton Foundation donor

but I digress.

Cofer Black served on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company that was being investigated for corruption. Black served with Hunter Biden, the son of former VP Joe Bidan; the Trump White House has relentlessly called for investigation into Biden’s role at Burisma, while completely ignoring Black’s mysterious role on the same board.

Biden was appointed for his name; Black has a wealth of knowledge and experience in covert operations and counter-terrorism as the article explains cited below.

Who was a greater risk to America’s safety and security? And why is the public left in the dark about this matter?

Cofer Black was a former Vice Chairman of Blackwater (2005–2008), he resigned in 2008 after learning about Blackwater’s illegal payments to Iraqi officials. After 26 years of service to the CIA, Cofer Black today now works in the private sector.

For the full back story check out the link below.. ran into a pay wall.

Cofer Black served on the board of Burisma a Ukrainian gas company that was being investigated for corruption

The Looming Shadow Of The CIA, Cofer Black

Adam Fitzgerald

Check out the link at the top of the above link for the full history of this operative.


Now read this from Thomas Lifson via The American Thinker

Well, this is certainly an odd coincidence! In fact, when you dig in, you find an amazing series of coincidences. If you believe in coincidences when the CIA is involved, that is.

Mitt Romney’s national security advisor in his 2012 campaign — a career CIA spook who rose to its top levels — sits on the board of directors of Burisma, the Ukrainian gas company that formerly paid Hunter Biden $50k a month despite his complete lack of credentials or qualifications.

Back on October 6, 2011 presidential candidate Mitt Romney proudly announced that Joseph Cofer Black (listed as “Cofer Black”) was among the people chosen as “special advisers”

…to advise Governor Romney on foreign policy strategy, defense issues, intelligence matters, counterterrorism, and regional policy. These advisers will assist Governor Romney as he presents his vision for restoring American leadership in the world and securing our enduring interests and ideals abroad.

Mr. Black brought to this role his extensive background at the CIA, which he joined in 1974 and trained for covert operations. He rose rapidly through the ranks, becoming Director of the National Counterterrorism Center from 1999-2002. Coincidentally, this was the time in which Al Qaeda planned and carried out the 911 attack without hindrance from the counterintelligence apparatus of the intelligence community. But Black was not penalized, he failed upward, being appointed Ambassador at Large and Coordinator for Counter-terrorism by President George W. Bush in December 2002.

And in yet another amazing coincidence, Black was succeeded in his job as Director of the National Counterterrorism Center by John Brennan.



Cofer Black left the CIA in 2006 (does anyone ever completely leave the CIA after being a spook?) to join Blackwater, the huge contractor for services related to military and intelligence action, where he served as vice chairman until 2008. After illegal Iraqi payments were discovered.

Burisma Board: Joseph Coffer Black third from the left.



So many coincidences.

Still more oddly coincidental is the background of Mitt’s adviser deep in the CIA, part of the intelligence community that has “six ways from Sunday” in foiling a mere president who might oppose them, according to Chuck Schumer.

Let’s do a flashback now that we know what we know.

President Elect Donald Trump sent a tweet on January 3rd 2017. The following is US Senator of NY Chuck Schumer’s response. That “the intelligence has 6 ways to Sunday of getting back at you [Trump].”

Chuck also stated that Donald was being very dumb to treat the “intelligence community” the way he was.

Dumb? Or was he willing to try and take them on?



Sept 19, 2019 | Phil Mudd – “I am about ready to blow a gasket.” He nails it.

During an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Mudd, a former FBI and CIA official, responded to a report from The Washington Post about a mysterious whistleblower complaint that involved a call in which Trump made a “promise” to his foreign counterpart. Story ends at about 3:35 on the clip then moves on.


Hint: Want to know why this will not go anywhere?

The Intelligence I.G. Atkinson – another plant by the Deep State

That is why the Senate will not vote for witnesses…does anyone think for one nanosecond the GOP or Dems want any of this to come to light? They will fold like cheap suits unless they intend to pull the kill switch and end our Republic.

Other than that, all is well in the swamp.

For the best in conservative news.





19 Responses to “Romney’s National Security Adviser? Burisma Board Member Cofer Black”

  1. Romney and Bain Capital – his start at building an evil empire | BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! Says:

    […] National Security Adviser? Burisma Board Member Cofer Black… via @bunkerville…… […]


  2. peter3nj Says:

    A dog tied to roof of his car and Candy Crowley kept Mittens out of the White House. Hillary’s bitter and hate filled countenance and $7,000 pant suits kept her out of the White House. A Donald Trumps courage and fighting spirit put him in the White House and will return him there In November the Ukraine hoax be damned.

    Liked by 2 people

    • bunkerville Says:

      Here here…….tomorrows post I plan on a couple of the Romney’s dog crate youtubes funnies…. I cannot take one more day of Shifty shiff… are you watching? I am looking to get a purple heart for my efforts….

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    • peter3nj Says:

      While I’ve drawn the line on self flagellation at pouring gasoline on myself and igniting it I’m amazed that I would wile away the hours watching this horse poop 🐴💩 but here I sit.

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      • bunkerville Says:

        At least it is break time…..Shift needs to hang it up…. period.. Collins asked a couple of questions that makes me wonder…but she did the same thing with our Supreme pick…


      • bunkerville Says:

        So PA Toomey thought he could get some goodies by holding out…. I called his office and read the riot act… I am sure he was impressed. He is on right now.


      • Mustang Says:

        Self-flagellation, eh? I didn’t know you were a golfer, Peter. Come on down to FL and we can mutually self-flagellate. Golf does nothing for my self-esteem, but it does get me away from the boob-tube and the circus people laughingly call Congress. But speaking of self-esteem, can you just imagine how psychotic someone has to be to run for a seat in the House of Representatives?

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      • peter3nj Says:

        Hey Mustang thanks for the invite I’m on the next flight down🦅

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  3. Mustang Says:

    I have to admit that Willard Mitt Romney is a puzzle to me. He was raised in the LDS community, and history tells us that there is no better political machine in the country than the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. You may be interested in this essay: After five generations of that affiliation, moving to Utah was a lucrative move on his part. He’s one of their bishops you know, so I’m betting that he won’t end up in the poorhouse any time soon. So, what’s he all about? He’s a player, of course; loves to hang out with the smart set. A political addict, a denizen of the swamps … which I find strange because he’s not very good at it. They say that you can tell a lot about people by who they hang out with. And to think, only 5 million votes kept him out of the White House … losing to a man who is just like him, only darker in complexion. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Romney switched to the Democratic party for another run at the White House. In Utah, owned almost exclusively by the Mormons, it wouldn’t matter.

    Boy oh boy, do we have a great political system, or what?

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  4. hocuspocus13 Says:

    There’s a video interview of Bolton from August 2019 (a month after Trump’s July 25th phone call)

    In which during that interview Bolton contradicts his very own book still waiting to be released

    How interesting! 😉😉😉

    I believe President Trump put it quite well


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