Lollapalooza! Wowie! What a long nose you have Mr Schiff!


Michael Atkinson

Are you curious to know more about the fellow who is the 18th witness? Whose testimony is missing from the impeachment process. Guess who? He goes by the name Atkinson – The intelligence IG Inspector.  Someone I had my eye on. Part of an earlier post of mine.

The Intelligence I.G. Atkinson – another plant by the Deep State

The former prosecutor’s resume is touted as proof that the long-time public servant only is acting in the best interest of the country; his motives are not to be questioned, we are chastised. (This description follows a pattern similar to the way the media portrayed dossier author Christopher Steele and Special Counsel Robert Mueller.) Oh but yes his motives are to be questioned!

……….In July 2016, the exact month that former FBI Director James Comey officially opened a case against the Trump campaign, Atkinson was named senior counsel to John Carlin, the head of the National Security Division. Carlin was Robert Mueller’s chief of staff when he ran the FBI and was appointed NSD chief by President Obama in 2013.

Carlin’s name has surfaced numerous times in the congressional inquiry into the Trump-Russia collusion hoax. According to closed-door testimony by former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, Carlin regularly was briefed by former deputy FBI Director Andy McCabe on the Trump-Russia collusion probe.Keep Reading

Recall it was Atkinson who changed the rule so that a whistleblower did not have to have direct knowledge. Hearsay was now allowed. That is just how it got started.

What a shock……


Short, sweet and to the point… Trump 1, Schiff 0.

Looking forward to today and more wowie!

(May have to click twice to play.)


Bonus: Guess who else has a Lollapalooza?

Other than that, all is well in the swamp.

More Lollapaloozas tomorrow!

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25 Responses to “Lollapalooza! Wowie! What a long nose you have Mr Schiff!”

  1. Steve Dennis Says:

    Sounds like they are setting the perjury trap!

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  2. peter3nj Says:

    Off topic: Watching the impeachment proceedings? The fix is in as it appears the Gang of Four not media both left and right are unfazed by the defense testimony while eating up Bolton’s possibly unlawful release of national security information for which no one will most likely not Perdue.

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  3. markone1blog Says:

    There are only three things that bug me about Bernie and Liz’s plan for free college:
    1. For my Bachelor’s degree, I worked summers and winters (and lived in an un-air-conditioned dorm) and, thereby, paid my way through. Their plans won’t reimburse me for that sacrifice.
    2. For my Master of Science degree, I took one course at a time and paid for it out of my pocket. Again, their plans won’t reimburse me for my sacrifice.
    3. For my son’s Bachelor’s degree, he has worked while both my wife and I have taken extra jobs and, still, we (as a group) have taken on some debt on this matter. Something tells me that we’ll probably end up with empty hands if we go on knees to these Democrats.

    Liked by 1 person

    • bunkerville Says:

      Same here…. for my Masters long days at work and sat through three hour classes at night…don’t know how I did it… took 8 years for the whole thing B.S. and more and still paid off loans for years…. Worked weekends while my friends partied…. fair isn’t it?

      Liked by 1 person

    • peter3nj Says:

      So many of our generation have these stories. I went nights four years carrying 18 credits several semesters while married with two infant boys working full time and graduating with a 3.86 cum. Thank God each of us had our survival instinct to sustain us rather than relying on and being at the mercy of a bloated inefficient reverse discriminating government run by despicable bureaucrats like Bernie and Woman Tells Heap Big Lies.

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  4. peter3nj Says:

    Bernie is the man and here’s why:
    Why not eliminate college altogether and give out government provided degrees in whichever discipline one requests. Think of the trillions in savings for the taxpayers. And with doctors not having to attend or pay for medical school they can work for free and there we will have free healthcare for all! And yet we have the right questioning Bernie’s plans for freebies? Who’s crazy now? Free college degrees and healthcare in one fell swoop.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I have to say I was surprised that he was even questioned about the amount it would cost? Don’t they know everything is free??? It also tells me that apparently Bernie is not the planned nominee to question him…. Hillary beckons..

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  5. Linda Says:

    That tells me it has been a set up along. Nice to see nothing new or different in the swamp.

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  6. markone1blog Says:

    Since my wife always turns on the main stream media while I am out completing tasks, I got an earful of “news” this weekend. This wasn’t among the excrement that they doled out. Then again, they also did not address the March for Life, the defense team presentation, or a number of other things. All they wanted to do was talk about some “bombshell video” and John Bolton’s book.

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