Fat people contribute to Global Warming



by Mustang

Obese people contribute to global warming as they emit more carbon dioxide than those of a normal weight, according to research.” This from the Daily Mail

“The study, published in the journal ‘Obesity,’ also points out that by consuming more, they increase their impact on the planet.”
“Obesity is estimated to be responsible for 700 megatons of carbon dioxide, or about 1.6 per cent of all man-made emissions.”
  • Obesity Society calculated environmental impact of increased food intake
  • Overweight people are responsible for 20 per cent more greenhouse gas emissions compared with a lean person 
  • Transporting obese people also causes an excess of carbon dioxide emissions
“Researchers compared a larger body mass index with one considered normal and calculated the extra emission of greenhouse gasses.  They found an obese person produces an extra 81kg of carbon dioxide a year.  They are also responsible for an extra 593kg from increased food and drink consumption and an extra 476kg from car and air travel each year.”
“Author Faidon Magkos, of the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, said, “In addition to beneficial effects on morbidity, mortality and healthcare costs, managing obesity can favorably affect the environment.”
“The authors said it was important not to stigmatize people because of their weight, and noted exercise also contributes to carbon emissions.”
This is NOT a joke, so to repeat the title, I kid you not.  
If we pretend that these statistics are bona fide scientific findings, does anyone have any ideas how to solve the problem? 
I mean, suppose an obese person doesn’t want to cut back on carbs or join Planet Fitness?  What solutions would socialists most likely come up with?  Come on, help us out. 

Leave us your suggestions (or likely outcomes of heavily socialist programs) for solving the problem.  Regale us with your best ideas, or better yet, send an email to Faidon Magkos at fma@nexs.ku.dk.  He could probably use the support.

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