Saturday’s Passel of Potpourri

It’s Saturday and time for a break and maybe a smile or two. Page down for politics.

Lots of animals today and the usual construction problems. You may need to click twice to start a couple.

This is called planning ahead.

Putting on the Ritz! Sound

Just out there having some fun. Sound

Strutting my stuff!

How would you like living with this fellow? Sound.

Well deserving of an academy award. 

Called a Mensa issue. Sound.

I don’t know what to say.

Another Mensa candidate.

Glad to see Mom is around.

Whatever I can do to help out.

Count me out next time for the protest. Sound.

That’s it folks. Hope you enjoyed them. Have a wonderful day.

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16 Responses to “Saturday’s Passel of Potpourri”

  1. Terri D. Says:

    Oh my gosh! I laughed until tears flowed! Needed this!!

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  2. Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup » Pirate's Cove Says:

    […] Bunkerville has a passel of potpourri. […]


  3. kidme37 Says:

    All Good, I love the ones with the stupid human tricks. Imagine how much of that goes on everyday. And dogs are generally very smart, helpful, and protective. Good critters.

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  4. Always On Watch Says:

    Hilarious! I needed these laughs.

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  5. dave drake Says:

    Wonder if the truck driver realized how lucky they were on that sink hole.

    On Just out there having some fun: think there should be one of those put in place for the DEMS to play on in D.C. Can you imagine Nancy, Chuck, Adam et al bouncing around on that all day while the adults (DJT) do the real work.? Sorry, Jerry, weight restrictions apply.

    “Baywatch” dog rules 😀

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  6. peter3nj Says:

    Thanks for the laughs but nothing matches watching the Democrat buffoons 🤡 for sh_ts and giggles! Enjoy the weekend my friend.

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  7. Linda Says:

    HA!!! I so can relate to the ice and snow one (the first video). We have a German Shep who can not stand certain dems and will bark and howl when he hears them. As for the kid and the dog in the ocean, kudos…now that is a good pup, smiles.

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