Evanston ILL will funnel tax revenue to reparations fund


The irony of it all. Reparations funds coming from drug taxation by the government. We might ask how this whole thing is legal. After watching endless hours of impeachment hearings why bother. Here we go:

Evanston City Council passed a measure last month that will funnel the city’s tax revenue generated from the sale of recreational marijuana to a local reparations fund. The move has attracted attention from national and regional groups that have long advocated for investment in black communities through reparations.

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The event, which was promoted but not sponsored by the city, was designed as a celebration of Evanston’s reparations initiative and the start of a continuing dialogue. The fund will be capped at $10 million and officials say it will be used to help the city’s black community with economic development, education and housing, among other issues. The fund will be paid for with a 3% sales tax on adult recreational marijuana, which becomes legal in Illinois Jan. 1.

White residents still earn significantly more money, on average, than Evanston’s black residents, said Ald. Robin Rue Simmons (5th Ward), who spearheaded the reparations effort. That fact, along with declining black homeownership and a declining number of black residents in town, pushed Simmons to propose the fund.

Evanston’s reparations measure was passed in an 8-1 vote. No one spoke out against the effort at the meeting where it was passed. A Reparations Subcommittee has been formed to determine the exact ways in which the fund’s proceeds will be used and distributed.

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Other than that all is well in the swamp.

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