Chairman Nadler preview of another absurd hearing – video


The Democrats might want to review just how Nadler and his henchmen did last time around with this impeachment thing. Lest we forget how bizarre it was how about a warm up before tomorrow? Recall back in May – hard to believe – it was Russia Russia Russia. Now we really don’t know the “crime” but one thing we know is the Dems did not fare well. Hard to believe it has been that long ago we went through the Nadler extravaganza. Like the ghosts of Christmas past, why not trot out John Dean as an example how badly this went?

A great example is the attempt to conjure the old war horses of the Nixon impeachment.

Chairman Jerry Nadler Running The House Judiciary Committee Chaos Breaks Out!

It got so bad, even the audience laughed. Of course what CNN found of merit in the short clip was titled:

“Nadler Shuts down Jordan during hearing: “I’m speaking.”


Jim Jordan


Next best was this takedown of John Dean by Congressman Gaetz

“Gaetz and John Dean Spar Over Mueller Report”



All is well in the swamp. The Democrats are in for a treatment.

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10 Responses to “Chairman Nadler preview of another absurd hearing – video”

  1. Steve Dennis Says:

    The Dems lost big time on the Russia investigation and then Schiff’s hearing was a bust so here we go again with another attempt. I don’t see how they are going to fare any better this time around, you would think they learned their lesson by now but their base is not going to be happy unless they keep going.

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  2. dave drake Says:

    Maybe it’s only me, but the only thing I think Nadler can do well is order from a menu. 😀

    Extra points awarded to Peter for working in the word “malarkey” !

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  3. Bill Heffner Says:

    Does no one remember that Nadler and company botched the show so badly that when the call for formal hearings was finally made Pelosi gave the job to the Intelligence Committee (how ironic is that name) despite the fact that it is normally the job of the Judicial Committee to handle the process. There was considerable commentary at the time about the oddness of her selection, with the consensus being that Nadler was not up to the job.

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  4. peter3nj Says:

    Coincidentally, this morning upon awakening, it came to my mind how fairly the Nixon impeachment proceedings were run by chairman Peter Rodino D-NJ back in 1974. With several exceptions the dems of those days were more republican than most of today’s republicans. Those of us alive back then and still t
    around today can appreciate how our President is handling this infamnia as opposed to Nixon’s paranoia leading to his downfall. Trump has the democrats and their media pissing in the wind. These House proceedings are a lot of malarkey (couldn’t pass that up).

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