NJ Dems start process that would lead to pay Blacks reparations


“Addressing our systematic challenges must begin with understanding how slavery here in New Jersey effects us all,” says @ASWReyJackson on the creation of a New Jersey Reparations Task Force

Democratic state Sen. Sandra Cunningham says that it’s time “we begin the long and painstaking process to rectify our past,” according to the AP.

And with that, New Jersey matches California in becoming the land of fruit and nuts.

Just how it is determined who is in for some bucks is yet to be determined but I am sure this government committee will find a way. I doubt forty acres and a mule is the amount they have in mind. Here it is from the Garden State:

Some estimates say 30 million people would be in line for a check from Uncle Sam.

The New Jersey legislation takes the hard-left’s “critical race theory,” which claims that all white people are inherently racist and that racism is ingrained in our society — “structural racism” — from liberal college campuses to the statehouse.

“The Task Force will focus on repairing structural racism in New Jersey that can be traced back to slavery in the state and around the country, and recommend targeted policies and investments in Black communities that will address the lasting damage of America’s — and New Jersey’s — original sin,” the Institute said in the release.

Assemblywomen Shavonda Sumter, Verlina Reynolds Jackson and Britnee Timberlake along with the Legislative Black Caucus introduce legislation which would establish the “New Jersey Reparations Task Force”.

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Other than that all is well in the swamp.

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