Michael Bloomberg the so-called centrist?


The MSM was quick to herald the news that there was an excellent chance Michael Bloomberg was going to put his hat in the ring. Yes, someone more centrist. He looked at the field and so he “had a lane.” Lane? What lane. He is as wacko left as the rest of them. A couple of tweets out there really tells us all we need to know. Let’s look at China and guns as a starting point. Rest easy folks.


The Second Amendment and his understanding of guns…. “Give Bambi a chance.” Something like that.


Need a refresher on Biden? “China not bad folks.”

Joe Biden, the gift that keeps on giving if the media would only report his positions. Robert Gates spelled it out in his memoir written a few years ago, “I think he (Biden) has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades,” It looks like Joe is still fumbling along.


Yes, all is well in the swamp.

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23 Responses to “Michael Bloomberg the so-called centrist?”

  1. BLOOMBERG?? | GeeeZ …. Says:

    […] was my comment at Bunkerville’s yesterday on BLOOMBERG….She thinks he just can’t win, basically….he’s said really stupid things, […]


  2. Steve Dennis Says:

    It sure says something about how radical the Democrats have become if anybody can call Bloomberg a centrist! Is this the same guy that said conservative were not welcome in New York? I can’t remember if it was him or not.

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  3. geeez2014 Says:

    And I disagree. The man is horrid, has said those things…ON VIDEO! But most Americans don’t care, don’t hear it, the media certainly won’t help in the endeavor to expose who he is! THey LIKE IT, especially if they think for a nannosecond he could be the best bet to beat Trump.

    I’ve been sweating it out knowing that most centrists (even if they’re not, this could have been the DNC plan; make all the left look SO LOONY that ANYTHING right of them in the Democrat party, is a GOOD CHOICE for Dems and Indies) could attract erstwhile Trump voters, people who’re not fond of Trump but DESPISE the loony left. It will be Biden if it isn’t Bloomberg.

    If anybody could afford to plan this all it’s Bloomberg………let’s see. Bloomberg (or Biden): “You guys go VERY far Left, I’ll be a Dem centrist, and most voters, other than college kids and old hippies…will VOTE FOR ME!$$$$$”

    Trump’s base won’t match in numbers, I don’t think. He needs to go past his base….I believe he CAN if/when he is more articulate, more detailed in what he’s doing and why, and keeps the I LOVE AMERICA mantra going….Americans don’t like the HATE AMERICA thing and the Left’s squarely in that HATE AMERICA LANE (who promotes socialism who understands or loves this country???). Oops…except Biden and Bloomberg.

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  4. markone1blog Says:

    If you ignore Republicans more conservative than Mao (e.g., maybe John McCain before his loss to Donald Trump), then Bloomberg is centrist.

    However, in the real world, he is a card-carrying socialist in a bright red coat.

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    • Mustang Says:

      Most nation-loving Americans have opposed communism almost from its beginnings. How many thousands of Americans have given up their lives to defeat it? And yet, the American people have overwhelming voted for communists to hold public office in the United States. How is that possible? It is possible because the Democratic (Communist) Party has been quite clever calling itself something other than “communist.” They are political chameleons, disguising who they are and what they represent as “progressive, liberal, or socialist-democrat.” Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama fit this bill. I left out LBJ because I’ve never quite figured him out beyond the fact that he was a dangerous gangster, solidified his political power through heavily socialist programs, and that he enriched himself (and family) from the Vietnam War. Bloomberg is but another in a long line of eggheads who never once, not in his entire lifetime, placed himself in harm’s way for a purpose greater than himself. What would he know about sacrifice? What does he know —really know— about patriotism or service to our country and its people? For that matter, what does Biden know about any of these things? Please, God … help us out of this mess.

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      • bunkerville Says:

        National pollsters give attention to a couple of counties outside of Philadelphia. Bucks and Delaware county.. For the first time in history they went all Dem this past week. For Trump to carry PA he must carry these counties…. very disappointing.

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  5. Mustang Says:

    I keep losing track of how many Democrats are in the race for the White House. It may not even matter at this early date. What we do know is that in a field of … oh, twenty or so dumb-asses, a dumb-ass will win the Democratic Primary. So, the American people will have a choice between someone with a productive record as president, and a dumb-ass. Now to me, the choice would seem pig simple, but then given the recent election results in Virginia, I’m not willing to put any money on it. We’ll see a year from now. I often wonder, has America been successful over the past 243 years because of our stellar leaders, or despite them? I lean toward the latter.

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  6. hocuspocus13 Says:

    Paris Climate Accord

    Remember that?

    President Trump took America out of it otherwise it would have cost us giving away our tax $$$ to the tune of $5billion

    To other Countries

    Michael Bloomberg then put together a coalition of States Cities and Businesses to honor that agreement

    And Bloomberg gave $15 million to the UN for the Paris Climate Accord

    How about this Michael Bloomberg

    Give that $15 million to the American Children that live in the inner cities to help their future

    With Michael Bloomberg We The People would be “dragged” back into the nonsense President Trump took us out of

    Including Gun Confiscation

    Bloomberg Wrong for America 🇺🇸

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  7. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    Still a gun grabber.
    Funny how relative to the others, he starts to look sane.
    Bill de Blasio makes NYC people long for him.
    Wasn’t he a repub once?

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  8. peter3nj Says:

    Both Biden and Bloomberg remind me of Frank Skuffington the aging and out of touch perennial politician in Edwin O’Conner’s “The Last Hurrah.” I won’t reveal the ending but let’s just say today’s two Skuffingtons will not get off the stage thanks to a disconnected undereducated lazy indifferent electorate. The main difference between the two Bozos (apologies to the beloved clown) is Bloomberg wants to take away our salt and our slurpies as well as our guns.

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