Why the smear campaign against Tuslsi Gabbard by Clinton?



Anyone else trying to figure out why the Clinton attack machine chose to put Tulsi Gabbard in the crosshair? It has clearly been an orchestrated campaign by her minions. Planned.

I recall a poll out by Drudge right after the debate with the question as to who won the debate. Gabbard won in a landslide. Of course it was a insignificant poll. Drudge still has predominately GOPers as followers. I would think though that no doubt it is changing with his perverse anti-Trump stories. The polls I had seen had her at the most at 2 percent.

Fox has had her several shows. Tucker Carlson especially a number of times. Was it her anti-war especially Syria stance? Gabbard appeared to be going no where until this.

A puzzle to me. What say you?


Still trying to figure this one out..

Top clip is dup… but the Clinton hypocrisy response below it has to be seen. Good laugh.


Here is a take by Max Blumenthal ..


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