Sunday Respite ~ Appassionata.


The days now grow shorter. The pretty things of nature  – flowers of every sort – will soon be gone. One last burst from Mother Nature yet in a glorious out pouring, then she will leave us – only to awaken once again and be re-born with all her beauty come Spring.

As I put away my Summer Respite soundscapes and return again to fall, I can’t help but find it to be a time of reflection.

Our life is the most precious gift of nature or the Supreme Mind that has created our entire Vast Universe. Do not lose the best moments in your life, remember all the good things that fate gave and carefully store them in your memory.

Author: From Best Music Relax

Let’s take one last look at her beauty before she leaves us.

Secret Garden-Appassionata.

Best watched in full screen. For politics go to the front page scroll down.

Wishing everyone much peace and joy.


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