The Wind Farm, the Hamptons, the Super Rich, and ‘not in my back yard’


“My home is not a detail” so goes the argument against a wind farm landing cable site to be strewn throughout their particular clump of sand on tony Long Island. The battle between the very super rich and the super rich – Not in my back yard!!

So will it be Wainscott? Or twelve mies away away in Hither Hills in Montauk for a substation and run twelve miles of cable? Or no wind farm?

The transmission line would go through an area where homeowners include the billionaire Ronald Lauder and Marci Klein, daughter of Calvin Klein.


EAST HAMPTON, N.Y. — This affluent enclave on the East End of Long Island is steeped in eco-conscious pride, with strict water quality and land preservation rules and an abundance of electric cars on the roads.

Wainscott is home to many affluent homeowners, some of whom oppose having the transmission cable landing site in their neighborhood.

So at first, many happily embraced a plan for an offshore wind farm that would help lead the way as New York State sets some of the most ambitious green energy goals in the country.

But then came word that the project’s transmission cable was going to land in Wainscott, one of the most exclusive slices of the already exclusive Hamptons, where homeowners include the likes of the cosmetics billionaire Ronald Lauder and Marci Klein, a former longtime producer of “Saturday Night Live” and the daughter of Calvin Klein.

Soon a push to protect the planet was out and the imperative to protect a golden plot of sand was in. Homeowners organized and hired an army of lawyers, lobbyists, public relations experts and engineers to argue their case.

…still, he added, “their zeal for wind power need not be exclusive with picking the best available landing site.

Some view the landing site as a detail in the big picture of addressing climate control. But it is not a detail where the landing site is. My home is not a detail.” Wainscott is home to many affluent homeowners, some of whom oppose having the transmission cable landing site in their neighborhood.

Now the developer of the wind farm may turn to an alternate landing site, bringing the cable ashore in Hither Hills in Montauk, a popular state park, and then burying it for nearly 12 miles before connecting it to a substation.

In Montauk, resentment is building among some residents over the idea that they may be forced to accept the cable landing because of a campaign mounted by the deep-pocketed in Wainscott. (P.S. Montauk is building a war chest to block it as well.)

From  New York Times

“The Hamptons Love Green Energy. But That Wind Farm …”

Other than that all is well with the super super rich and the super rich.

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16 Responses to “The Wind Farm, the Hamptons, the Super Rich, and ‘not in my back yard’”

  1. Mustang Says:

    Wind farms are a fraud, and they’ve destroyed the aesthetic beauty of their surroundings.

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  2. markone1blog Says:

    Of course, I am believing the NYTwits regarding the amount of support these fat cats put into green energy. Although I remember Teddy Kennedy blocking another wind farm offshore from the Hamptons, surely the NYTwits looked into how much money these fat cats plow into green projects.

    Surely they didn’t just ask a handful of people on the street what their opinion was of green energy.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      It’s curious that they thought a wind farm could and resulting cables could ever be placed in such a location…. some one’s palm didn’t get the proper amount of grease apparently or else the lawyers needed to be fed..

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  3. peter3nj Says:

    Wind farms will provide an awe inspiring sight for the super x 2 and super x 3 rich as their private jets circle for a landing while their chauffeured limos idle, engines running, waiting to pick them up for the drive into Williamsburg for their steak dinners at Peter Lugers. But they will not be sipping from plastic straws or stirring cocktails with plastic swizzle sticks; there are only 11 1/2 years left on the eco-clock and the wealthy are doing their part dammit!

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  4. Always On Watch Says:

    Orwell said it like it is:

    “Some animals are more equal than others.”

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