Giuliani falls for Schiff’s set up – goes on CNN and damages President over Ukraine


Those of us following the story know the deal. Biden’s son who knows nothing about energy but a lot about cocaine reaped big bucks thanks to dad. Schiff had the take-down planned with his mole deep in the White House. Rudy has been outflanked. We had Biden on the ropes. Why on earth is Rudy even involved in this?

Rudy fell for the set-up. Goes on CNN with Chris Cuomo. The Dems had been at the ready laying in wait. The set-up:

Schiff: ‘Biden Ukraine Scandal should be off limits’



Few have been following the story with so many moving parts. Keep in mind we know the story. But we are political junkies.

Let me cut to the chase. Why Giuliani is still on Trump’s payroll makes no sense. He is simply a publicity hound purely for himself. Considering he would go on Cuomo’s program to debate the Biden Ukraine business tells us all we need to. 

Many have been posting about Biden’s son’s corruption for years. Without notice. Now in one fell swoop Rudy managed to make it look like Trump was out to get his opponent. Well done Rudy. If one hasn’t been following the story, it would appear Trump was out to get Biden.

Cliff note edition of Giuliani doing the President no good.


Those of us following the story know the deal. Here is a refresher.


Full version of the CNN smack down.


Thats my take on it, what’s yours? A master plan? This will be used on the talkies this weekend and not to the benefit of Trump.

Other than that all is well in the swamp. For the best in conservative news click below:



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