MSNBC : It’s a ‘Privilege’ to Not Eat Meat to Save the Planet


MSNBC promotes a guest who states meat intake needs to be reduced by 90 percent. Their guest and climate change activist Jonathan Safran Foer on Monday said it’s a “privilege” to not eat meat in order to save the planet.

Foer harkens back to the wonderful days of rationing during WW II. My parents told me it was just swell. Forget that China and India continue spew along. No doubt this is what our kiddies are being taught in our educational institutions. Grubs and plants are to be our mainstay in our diet.

Anyway, climate change is simply about control over every aspect of our life.

Foer said:

“There’s a good model for this in World War II, the home front efforts that regular Americans made regardless of their political leanings or their socioeconomic backgrounds, driving at 35 miles per hour,”

“We had a 94 percent income tax, highest rate income tax. We had rations on foods and a really wonderful fireside chat that I could never imagine our president giving, but FDR gave at the time.”

MSNBC asked Foer whether he was talking about “individual choices” or “government-level, institutional-level changes to how we eat” when he was talking about sacrifices to the way we eat.

Foer said he was talking about both and then said he took issue with Velshi’s use of the word “sacrifice.”

And of course, when all else fails, and what is starting to be pushed:

Newsweek: Time to re-think the taboo on cannibalism?

No doubt the better red meat……then there is always fresh “roadkill”!

Other than that, all is well in the swamp.

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