Sunday Respite – World of Secrets


For today’s Sunday Respite I chose World of Secrets. Below are the notes from the video.

Astropolis feat. Eirch von Däniken – Atlantis Performer: Astropolis feat. Eirch von Daniken Title: World of secrets

Remember the feelings when you first saw the sea? For most of us, the sea is a whole world, a world of mystery and provocation, admiration and danger, fear and charm! This world is special and original, from communication with which our life is enriched. This is a world where there is an opportunity to feel one with nature. No human creation can ever be compared with the creation of nature – the sea! The sea is an eternal movement and eternal love, and only watching the sea, you begin to realize what is real bliss!

Wishing everyone a wonderful day. Below the video are the titles of posts from this past week in case you missed them.

This is best viewed in full screen.



Here is the list of last weeks posts.

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