Theologians condemn Christian Nationalism…’grave sins against God the Creator’

Dozens of Christian theologians condemned Christian nationalism in an open letter. Their sentiments are echoed in a document prepared by the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty, which condemns Christian nationalism “as a distortion of the gospel of Jesus and a threat to American democracy.” More than 10,000 Christians have signed on to that document.

Stanley Hauerwas, professor emeritus at Duke Divinity School and one of the letter’s signatories, argues that nationalism is inconsistent with Christianity.

The letter, was published in the liberal Catholic magazine Commonweal this week.

It was only a matter of time until patriotic Christians were going to have to accept that the last source from whence they could drink to find inspiration and solace – The Church – would become just another political action tool – Simply a PAC. Even though the IRS is clear that for a church to maintain its Tax exempt status it must remove itself from politics.

However under the cloak of the bible, little interest by the IRS, churches have ramped up their Progressive creed. Under the cover of “Social Justice” there are few boundaries. Patriotism gets lost in the discussion. This is not the beginning… earlier under Obama

EPA to study Churches, develop programs to combat climate change

But now this latest letter and screed is a new and potent attack on conservative christians. Now they are into comparing the rising Germany last century with today’s American patriotism. Those who support a country with limited immigration are subject to the “hell fire and brimstone” sermons of long ago. This time, the punishment will be meted out by the church itself with this dire warning..

. ”ethno-nationalism…as grave sins against God the Creator.”

Without further adieu here tis:

Commonweal is pleased to publish the following open letter about the disturbing rise of nationalism, especially among some Christians, in the United States.

The signatories, which include Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant theologians, “reject nationalism’s tendency to homogenize and narrow the church to a single ethnos,” arguing that “[i]f the church is not ethnically plural, it is not the church.” They also condemn the “xenophobia and racism of many forms of ethno-nationalism…as grave sins against God the Creator.”

In the 1930s many serious Christian thinkers in Germany believed they could manage an alliance with emergent illiberal nationalism. Prominent theologians like Paul Althaus and Friedrich Gogarten believed that the National Socialist movement offered a new opportunity to strengthen social order and cohesion around Christian identity. But some Christians immediately resisted, most visibly in the Barmen Declaration of 1934, which rejected the compromises of “German” Christianity and its heinous distortions of the Gospel.

Our situation in 2019 is surely different, but American Christians now face a moment whose deadly violence has brought such analogies to mind. Again we watch as demagogues demonize vulnerable minorities as infesting vermin or invading forces who weaken the nation and must be removed. Again we watch as fellow Christians weigh whether to fuse their faith with nationalist and ethno-nationalist politics in order to strengthen their cultural footing.

Here are a few of their main points in the letter:

1. We reject the pretensions of nationalism to usurp our highest loyalties. National identity has no bearing on the debts of love we owe other sons and daughters of God. Created in the image and likeness of God, all human beings are our neighbors regardless of citizenship status.

4. We reject nationalism’s claim that the stranger, refugee, and migrant are enemies of the people. Where nationalism fears the stranger as a threat to political community, the church welcomes the stranger as necessary for full communion with God. Jesus Christ identifies himself with the poor, imprisoned foreigner in need of hospitality. “For I was hungry and you gave me no food, I was thirsty and you gave me no drink, a stranger and you gave me no welcome, naked and you gave me no clothing, ill and in prison, and you did not care for me” (Matthew 25:41-43).

5. We reject the nationalist’s inclination to despair when unable to monopolize power and dominate opponents. When Christians change from majority to minority status in a given country, they should not contort their witness in order to stay in power. The church remains the church even as a political minority, even when unable to influence the government or when facing persecution.

In charity and in hope, we urge our fellow Christians to repudiate the temptations and the falsehoods of nationalism. The politics of xenophobia, even when dressed up in high-minded social critique, can only be pursued in contradiction of the Gospel. A true culture of life welcomes the stranger, embraces the orphan, and binds the wounds of all who are our neighbors—all who lie lifeless on the road, as the pious walk silently past.

Here is the letter,

For the background- Read more

Just sit back and watch the building purity test that will be required of Christians in America and European countries.

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Other than that all is well in the swamp. For the best in conservative news and so much better than Drudge click below:

24 Responses to “Theologians condemn Christian Nationalism…’grave sins against God the Creator’”

  1. Thought for today November the 6th: Indifference – Belgian Ecclesia Brussel – Leuven Says:

    […] Theologians condemn Christian Nationalism…’grave sins against God the Creator’ […]


  2. edgyroy Says:

    It is religion that keeps people from meeting God. A nation is just a specific example of a structure that allows numbers of people to co-exist. God could care less about your physical location. If God is with you, then you have no reason to be concerned about it either.


  3. Why not quoting more from well-known theologians – Belgian Ecclesia Brussel – Leuven Says:

    […] Theologians condemn Christian Nationalism…’grave sins against God the Creator’ […]


  4. Kid Says:

    Yes, as Mustang said, attacking Christians is a direct assault on our unalienable rights. How many people know the 2nd amendment restricts government, as opposed to granting us a right that they could choose to legislate away.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      The Democrats seemingly are proud of it… per today’s post… I guess they figure they can write off over half of the voter rolls…never thought I would see this day…


  5. cali Says:

    Clearly this letter is written by false teachers masquerating as Christians although they are ‘Sheep in Wolf’s clothing’ = the Bible warned us about them. These false teachers are the cause of leading God’s People astray.

    Strangely – every time I see Germany used as an example I think about the many Catholic Priests not only across Germany but also at the Vatican wearing Nazi uniforms under their robes fighting on behalf of Hitler and his regime. They as were far removed from Jesus’s Christians as they are today.

    Once again they accuse Christians of all ills in the world yet when it comes to immigration The Bible clearly states that “A Nation within a nation will and can not stand” ergo their argument about open borders falls flat.

    Nothing surprises me as Christians worldwide are being systematically targeted.

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  6. Mustang Says:

    There are several serious deficiencies in their argument, not the least of which is their reference to nationalism as a person. “We reject nationalism’s claim …” So, beyond the fact that the manifesto was written by a gaggle of idiots, who appear incapable of developing a sound premise: they seriously suggest that we reject God (our highest loyalty) through our patriotism. For me, it has always been God, family, country … in that order, and I see no contradiction of patriotism (national loyalty) and my duty to God. It was God that created the Jewish State. Our entire nation was created around the notion of “In God We Trust.” If these people think that all human beings are our neighbors, then tell me how we ought to react to neighbors who stone their women, cut the throats of Christians, and murder anyone who has a different view of God than they do.

    There is a process for gaining everlasting life. Should there not also be a process for gaining legal admission to the United States, or England, or Poland, or Japan?

    What power do nationalists usurp? Our system is Republican democracy. There is no fairer system on the planet than that. Our individual values (that come from our religious beliefs) do lead us to oppose those whom we (correctly) view as evil. We don’t shoot them. We simply organize and campaign against them. How is this monopoly? If Democrats lose every election over the next 100 years, how is that persecution? No, not persecution … its rejection of flawed thinking and ruinous behavior.

    Concluding now, I don’t see how “theologians” have ever gotten it right over the past 3,000 years. They, more than any nationalist, have used their religious authority to cage people, to deny them their God-given rights. If anyone should sit down and shut the eff up, its these self-righteous dimwits wearing church robes.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      The Christian faith is under attack now by the so called “theologians” who are teaching the next generation of leaders.. Just as our teachers have been lead astray by our ecucational institutions. Excellent points Mustang.


  7. Kid Says:

    I can be compassionate with a great many people – moslems not included, and let the nations laws sort out the vermin. 66% of illegals, or close to that comprise our prison population. At some point a country and its residents should demand that immigrants go through some sort of vetting process and past offenders get nada.

    Obviously, it does not please me that the pope is kissing moslem ass.

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  8. Tim from Nashua Says:

    Sons and daughters of God : Those that are in Christ Jesus,by Grace, through Faith, thus adopted into God’s family. All humans are our neighbors, true, but it was God that separated the peoples, and confused their languages so that they would no longer build towers that reach to the heavens. It is ‘in Christ Jesus’ that there is no longer Jew or Greek, Bondsman or Freeman, male and female. Outside of Christ, the separation remains, divisions remain, sin remains. so we establish borders, and build walls, and lock our doors at night. safer that way. There was a reason Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem. There is a reason that there is a Great Wall of China. Robert Frost – – – “Good fences make good neighbors.” There is a reason borders must be maintained. Those outside of Christ refuse to come in through The Door, and, as thieves and robbers seek to climb in by some other way.

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  9. Linda Says:

    Umm…reject Nationalism so says the church? No thanks. I like Ed’s comment, smiles.

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  10. Obama's Boyfriend Says:

    Judge the prophet by the fruit he bears. The Left is barren or bears rotten fruit.

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  11. peter3nj Says:

    The walls are closing in slowly but surely.

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  12. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    God, Family, Country.
    In that order.
    But country, when it supports family and God, is in the mix.
    Israel was one of the first nationalist nations.
    Had rules for diet, dress, and behavior.
    The stranger was welcome, as long as he behaved himself.

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