Jen Rubin: GOP Should Be ‘Burned Down’ with No ‘Survivors


The heat rose on the Sunday talkies against the GOP to a new flame thrower level. Literally. This no less from the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin. If we thought the Old Gray Lady was moribund, the Post is on a mission to out do her in her death cry.

On Sunday’s AM Joy on MSNBC, Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin renewed a previous attack on former Donald Trump administration members as she declared that they should be “shunned” for the rest of the lives, and that the Republican Party should figuratively be “burned down” so that there are no “survivors,” punishing Trump’s “enablers.”


Rubin then repeated her call for “shunning” and “shaming” Trump administration members and complained that the University of Virginia had employed a former Trump staffer for a while. The disgruntled ex-Republican then aimed further vitriol at her former party:

It’s not only that Trump has to lose, but that all his enablers have to lose — we have to collectively, in essence, burn down the Republican party. We have to level them because if there are survivors — if there are people who weather this storm, they will do it again — will take this as confirmation that, “Hey, it just pays to ride the wave — look at me, I’ve made it through.”

This has become a dysfunctional anti-government party. That is not what the country wants and what it needs. And the proof is in the pudding. The reason they engage in voter suppression is because their underlying agenda is very unpopular. No one’s in favor, it turns out, of taking away people’s health care. People don’t like it when you come after Medicaid and Medicare.

We conservative Gopers disregard what is happening at our peril. What is becoming clear is that we will have an opening on the Supreme court very soon. Not that in the end it will effect our cause to the better to have an addition of a GOP selection. No need to beat that horse.

But this will totally have the Democrats frothing at the mouth. Was it a coincidence that we had the movie “The Hunt” – where elites hunt down deplorables – scheduled to come out this fall?

As if that wasn’t enough, Newsweek decided what was best to do with us after the hunt.

The Hunt –  and it will make it to a theatre near you before the election.


A tip of the hat to Newsbusters wander over to hear and view a version of the rant by Rubin with just the “high points.”

Other than that, all is well in the swamp. For the best in conservative news click below

27 Responses to “Jen Rubin: GOP Should Be ‘Burned Down’ with No ‘Survivors”

  1. Steve Dennis Says:

    And then there was one of the candidates who said something to the effect of going after anybody who voted for Trump after they win. This rhetoric is getting out of control and it really is disgusting!

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  2. geeez2014 Says:

    It just has to STOP. I almost can’t watch even FOX anymore…Chris Wallace might as well work for MSNBC. I do like healthy discussions from both sides but FOX only lets even a good one last during only one segment between commercials, so you’re usually left with some real slam by the leftie in the discussion which is not corrected by the conservatives….more important to have time for the $$$ commercial…and I used to go to FOX for some reassurance that Conservatism was still respected and stood up for but I don’t much feel that there anymore.

    Then we have this hatefulness again and again, as described in the post. WHERE are the Republicans who should be pointing out these outrages to Americans?


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    • peter3nj Says:

      Roger Ailes must be saying Miss me yet?
      PS: For those who haven’t watched any of it yet “The Last Word” is shameful.

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      • geeez2014 Says:

        peter, I had to Google that…The Last Word, Lawrence O’Donnell? UGH, you have a stronger stomach than I DO if that’s who you mean!!!!! And yes, Roger Ailes, poor guy. They’ve made a movie with big stars playing Meghan Kelly and other females at FOX and, of course, we can all imagine HOW HORRID FOX will come out of that one….The whole point being “CONSERVATIVES LOVE FOX AND ARE SICKENING WOMEN HATERS WHO RAPE AND THREATEN”

        I’ll wait for Hollywood to make a Harvey Weinstein film. (HA!)

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I hear crickets Z…… no one but Trump out there trying to MAGA.. which is opposite of these libtards.

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  3. peter3nj Says:

    Obama’s Legacy: He fundamentally changed the nation. He succeeded in dividing us along cultural, social, religious, economical, racial, sexual and political lines. He proved we were not one nation indivisible. The left is pissed since it was the dragon lady’s appointed mission to finish us off. We cannot and will not ever go back to the days when white, black, brown, yellow and polka dot shared the same dance floor in the straight clubs and the gay clubs.

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  4. peter3nj Says:

    The saddest part is it would not be a broad generalization to feel over half the country is either unaware, agrees with them or couldn’t give two shits. C’est domage.

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  5. Always On Watch Says:

    Those in the GOP elite (GOPers) have such a deep hatred of Trump. Psychotic? Very nearly — if not completely. They are foaming at the mouth.

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  6. peter3nj Says:

    burn Baby Burn

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  7. hocuspocus13 Says:

    This is the type of person who should have a visit from the Secret Service

    Arrested to a Mental Ward for a full and detailed evaluation

    And have all guns/weapons confiscated

    She is not a Healthy Mind at Work!

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I still don’t get the personal animus toward those who disagree….how and why do they find that nothing less than destroying those who disagree satisfactory?


      • hocuspocus13 Says:

        I do…

        Sick Demented Tortured Minds!

        Is there a Doctor in the house?

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      • dave drake Says:

        “Their” tolerance is predicated on agreeing with them. Disagreeing with them brings out their violence and intolerance. In a way, they haven’t matured beyond the “terrible-Twos” and where everything is, “mine. Mine. Mine.” They want complete control, their way and expect everyone to “sheep”-along. They are tyrants, pure and simple.

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      • bunkerville Says:

        Point made David. Exactly…and they feed each other with this mayhem.


  8. A Lady of Reason Says:

    Wow… Funny how the party of tolerance is so violent when it’s not their own…

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