Bloomberg – AG Ellison Minnesota corruption scandal

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg and other activist donors are paying for their own attorneys to work inside state attorney general offices and governor’s offices.They are there to push climate change litigation.

How could this possibly be legal? Last month I reported on New York.

NY AG Office Asks for Ethic Opinion after revealed ‘hired’ Bloomberg operatives

“We know NY OAG only sought an ethics opinion over 13 months after promising Bloomberg’s group there were no ethics issues, and 8 months after having already brought them on board,”

How does one “hire” someone if that “someone” is being paid for by someone else? How about “plant” someone inside an office? What is even worse, that plant is inside an Attorney General’s office? That person planting is none other than former Mayor Bloomberg and this is not the first office he has done this with.

How many other AG offices are being used by outside groups to politicize their points of view and carry out their agenda?

That was the question I asked.

But of course and no surprise to my question. It would be Minnesota and AG Keith Ellison first added to the list.

A group called Energy Policy Advocates requested documents relating to this scheme from the office of Minnesota’s Attorney General, Keith Ellison. EPA’s requests were made pursuant to Minnesota’s broad Government Data Practices Act. The requests were narrowly tailored to ask for documents relating to 1) correspondence between the AG’s office and a plaintiffs’ law firm, and 2) correspondence between the AG’s Office and a specific individual in another state who was recruiting attorneys general to join Bloomberg’s scheme. The Minnesota Attorney General replied that there are no such documents, or, if there are, they are privileged and will not be produced.

So EPA sued, represented by a brand new public interest law firm called the Upper Midwest Law Center

Reported by the Star Tribune. The Strib’s story, mediocre at best, is most notable because it flushes out Keith Ellison’s admission that Minnesota is indeed participating in the Bloomberg scam. Ellison didn’t have much choice: there is a Linked In page by a lawyer who wrote:

I am off on a new adventure as a Fellow with the NYU School of Law’s State Impact Center. I will be embedded with the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office as an Environmental Litigator and Special Assistant Attorney General.

So much for any claim that there are no documents linking the Minnesota Attorney General to Bloomberg’s corrupt scheme, unless this was all arranged via smoke signals.

Bloomberg’s scheme is corrupt, poses inevitable conflicts of interest, and in some states is flatly illegal.

This video by the Clear Energy Alliance presents a good summary of the scandal:

Chris Horner spent more than two years producing two reports for the Competitive Enterprise Institute exposing this scheme and CEA president Mark Mathis showcases the money trail.

Read more

For list of sources and downloadable transcript:…

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10 Responses to “Bloomberg – AG Ellison Minnesota corruption scandal”

  1. Sunday Respite – Those Were The Days | BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! Says:

    […] – AG Ellison Minnesota corruption scandal… […]

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  2. Steve Dennis Says:

    They are all in this together and they are going to squeeze every penny out of it they can while it lasts. Sadly though they have been indoctrinating the children for years so once they start to get this agenda through we may never be able to reverse it.

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  3. peter3nj Says:

    The weasel Al Gore invented the internet but made no money doing so, tries to become POTUS no dice, and finally hits the mother lode reinventing himself, replete with beard and flannel shirt, as an environmentalist and reinvigorating the global warming hoax which made him a billionaire. This we can all understand and appreciate. What we’d like to know is why this sawed off shrimp of a multi billionaire known as Bloomberg is so heavily invested in saving the planet; he doesn’t need the money.,

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  4. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    I wouldn’t doubt this is happening here in Michigan, given the new regime recently installed.
    Now to see how I can determine that.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I am amazed that it is only is some states it is illegal. FOIA seems to be the way to go but it takes big bucks and lots of litigation. Looks like this new PAC is going after it.. Can you imagine if oil companies planted their attorneys in the AG offices?

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      • dave drake Says:

        The lengths and shadiness that the DEMS will go to doesn’t surprise me anymore. For me, it’s a matter of, “I’m surprised they hadn’t done [whatever] already.” Ugh…

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