Saturday’s Quiz – Can You Name These American Animals?


Here we go with this Saturday’s quiz. Have fun and good luck! This is a easy one for the most part, but interesting in the variety. Let me know what you think… too easy?


America: land of the free, home of bald eagles and stuff. All sorts of stuff, actually — America is home to a lot more animals than you might realize.

Take the American black bear, the most widely-distributed North American bear species, or the prairie dog, which are confusing as anything even to Australians (who live on a continent where literally every creature looks like it was designed by a malevolent space alien), or the Chesapeake blue crab, which is freaking delicious, or the wolverine, which is essentially a tiny, extraordinarily angry bear.

Because we live in North America, we don’t tend to think of its animals as exotic or particularly interesting, but that’s not true at all; our native creatures are just as strikingly bizarre as those of any other continent.

Some of them are even visually bizarre; I mean, let’s be real, the road runner (the real one, not the cartoon version) is a really, really weird animal. It’s tough to know all of North America’s unique animals.

So how many American animals can you name? Probably not nearly as many as you think you can; people are never as good at knowing things as they think they are. Are you one of the rare exceptions? Take our quiz and find out!


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