CNN and the ‘The Draw’ – Presidential candidates game show


‘The Five’ reacts to CNN turning Dem debate draw into game show.

CNN once more shows why it takes a sense of humor to watch them.

What’s the name of this game show…Who’s lie is it anyway”?

Have a great day…..a bit of humor for a Saturday.

11 Responses to “CNN and the ‘The Draw’ – Presidential candidates game show”

  1. Adrienne Says:

    9:02 minutes? Ummmm – no. I grabbed a few highlights. Insanely stupid. I doubt I’ll even watch the next debates. Waiting until the herd shrinks a bit makes more sense. Rush is predicting (what he said was more, “Don’t be surprised if” sort of statement.) So he said (paraphrased) don’t be surprised if after the bulk of primaries are over Mooch doesn’t step in to “save” the dems. Personally, I can’t see it ’cause she likes her rich people life too much.

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  2. Linda Says:

    I was working last night and didn’t see this—this is hilarious. Race is NOT an issue in this election…Juan Williams is about to drive me nuts. I’ll tell you, he sticks to his beliefs, doesn’t he? Greg and Jesse crack me up. lol

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  3. peter3nj Says:

    How about “ Pin the tail on the donkey?”

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