Jeffrey Epstein Deposition: Attorney asks about his ‘small endowment’


Put this down as a long week for this blogger…..and thus excuse me if I offend anyone. I just could not resist this for a Saturday post. Just when it couldn’t get anymore bizarre this comes along. Put this one down in category humor.

WARNING   WARNING  WARNING  – very graphic and disturbing.


Local attorney Spencer Kuvin [during] a deposition Sept. 2 [2009], asked Epstein [about his small endowment] and Epstein walked out — 100 seconds after it started. And it was all caught on the video above.



Is it true sir, that ah, you have what’s been described as an egg-shaped penis?”


“Sir, according to the police department’s probably cause affidavit one witness described your penis as oval shaped and claimed when erect, it was thick toward the bottom but thin and small towards the head portion. And called it egg shaped. Those are not my words, I apologize…”

And that’s when Epstein decided to call it a day. Nice guy, huh?

After an objection from his attorney, Mike Pike, and another attempt from Kuvin, Epstein took off his microphone and left.

It cost the Wall Street prodigy Epstein: He was fined $800 by the West Palm Beach court currently hearing civil lawsuits filed by women whom Epstein paid for sex when they were underage.

While Epstein claims he never even met several of his accusers, they painted a not-so-pretty picture of Epsteins junk to prove he exposed himself. It absolutely was an important question, said Kuvin. If he claims to have never met them, then we should know whether the victim is telling the truth.

Kuvin represents a suburban girl who, at 15, was enticed to visit Epsteins Palm Beach home under the pretense she would receive $200 to massage the man. But the massage allegedly turned into much more until the girl allegedly walked out in disgust. She is now in college. The deposition had been reset for Oct. 8, and Epstein should have expected the same question.

Thanks to David Drake

13 Responses to “Jeffrey Epstein Deposition: Attorney asks about his ‘small endowment’”

  1. Sunday Respite – Blues In My Bottle | BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! Says:

    […] Epstein Deposition: Attorney asks about his 'small endowment'… via @bunkerville…… […]


  2. ChuckC Says:

    Where are all his co-conspirators/participants? Where are the names of the high level officials that Epstein serviced.

    Epstein is a dead man walking. It is only a matter of time before the Arkansas Squad gets him followed by mysterious fires and mistaken document shredding.

    Liked by 1 person

    • bunkerville Says:

      They are apparently more interested in Acosta, the poor guy set up to take the fall…. He will have a major depression very very soon…stay out of Fort Marcy Park,


  3. Kid Says:

    I believe some state just passed a law that male sex offenders will be chemically castrated. What about women offenders though? Where’s the Equality? 🙂

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  4. dave drake Says:

    Thank you for the link and mention, Bunk. Very kind of you and appreciated.

    Yeah, the clip is a bit “too much info” that we really don’t need to know but figured it should be run before YTube removes it. The guy is a creep. He’s a flight risk, there is no way he should be released on bail.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. hocuspocus13 Says:

    Well…that’s an image I did not want in my head!!! yuk

    Not sure…

    But I don’t think I’ll be having eggs anytime soon

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Linda Says:

    I don’t care what it looks like, folks like him need to be castrated. Boom! Drop the mike, lol.

    Liked by 2 people

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