Pilot logs say Bill Clinton on Lolita Express had underage girls UPDATE


Wow and double wow. It would be so nice if at least we could nail one Clinton. I’ll take Bill. What an interview.. Pilot logs no less.

Sarnoff said that ALMOST EVERY TIME that Clinton was on the plane via the pilot logs there were underage girls on the plane.

Well, this should shut up Hillary for awhile…..

Conchita said Clinton refused her request for an interview.

She also said BILL CLINTON IS LYING about his limited contact with Jeffrey Epstein.

During their discussion Sarnoff told Shannon Bream that Bill Clinton flew on the Lolita Express 27 times.


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Mustang sent me an update- if you have been following the comments, this should be of interest. Another Jeff Sessions do-over. Comey’s daughter is one of the prosecutors. Let’s get Trump.

Attorney General William Barr may have oversight over U.S. attorneys in New York, but he has announced that he is recusing himself from the Jeffrey Epstein case. Barr revealed his recusal to …


Other than this, all is well in the swamp. Click on the link below for a great site.

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