Mexico reinforces border checks amid US pressure – video


This no less from ABC news and the AP. What congress refuses to do, Trump has twisted enough arms in Mexico to have at least this one feel good story for a Monday.

Mexican authorities increased immigration enforcement along well-traveled routes for migrants in southern Mexico over the weekend, checking identifications, pulling migrants off public transport and intercepting four trucks packed with nearly 800 migrants.


The National Migration Institute said 1,000 immigration agents had been deployed in the north and south of Mexico. The deployment comes as Mexico faces heightened pressure from the U.S. to reduce the surge of mostly Central American migrants through its territory. Mexico plans to position 6,000 National Guard troops by Tuesday to its southern border with Guatemala. More at ABC News



WhatFingerNews  A great site for all the news.

14 Responses to “Mexico reinforces border checks amid US pressure – video”

  1. Steve Dennis Says:

    And yet the media still portrays it as Trump caving to Mexico!

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  2. Mustang Says:

    The numbers of illegals crossing into the US and then sent on their way to the interior is mind-numbing … if you can believe the media, so Mexico’s efforts now appears a bit too late. You know, closing the barn door after the livestock got away. I never realized that a presidential order could be selectively ignored. Very frustrating.

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    • the unit Says:

      Barn doors and livestock. Yep, remember the old jokes.
      And what shotguns were really made for, marriage, not hunting. 🙂
      Also we had a old retired policeman (hadn’t then heard of a cop), stood after school on the corner to stop traffic so we could cross (’52). Highly respected the…cop.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Just a game being played on us..

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  3. geeez2014 Says:

    Where Mexico got 1000 extra trained immigration people is beyond me, but what do I care?…as long as they’re actually DOING something. If I know our country, we’ve got liberal attorneys from Harvard and Columbia down there teaching illegals how to get through the 1000 immigration people…….and into America!!! But, I hate to sound as negative as I feel on this subject, I just watched the dreaded Richard Fowler on FOX bemoaning how terribly unprepared we are (WE are!!?) to accommodate the illegals properly, comfortably. If having transgender camps for illegals isn’t accommodation, I don’t know what IS. Meanwhile, homeless veterans are starving on the streets of America.

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  4. the unit Says:

    Well, we’ll see how it works out. Wish would be singing ‘Won’t be seeing you’, to illegals.
    Most likely though, ultimately there’ll be a dedicated Mexico Walk of Fame with millions of stars. 🙂

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  5. Kid Says:

    Yes, good news for this Monday.

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