Dem Rep Norma Torres is sick of all the ‘sex-starved males’ in the House of Rep


Classy! Dem Rep. Norma Torres is sick of all the ‘sex-starved males’ in the House who have the wrong opinion on abortion!

Norma Torres
Representatives for California’s 35th congressional district.


Quote of the day and that is for sure.

As I recall, members cannot personally impugn their colleagues on the floor. Are they not suppose to be censored? But of course not. The House of Representatives descending into chaos.

Torres, is one of the newest members of the House Rules Committee.Rules? What Rules. I would say she broke House Rules.






Still wondering if I am right about Rules being followed? Let’s take a look at a Nadler clip back in May and how he runs his shop. This is how it goes when there is no hearing promotion and just a few are watching C-Span 3.

If there is any question about the functioning of the Committee of Nadler’s Judiciary, take a few seconds out to observe the chaos. The Democrats are opining that Trump is becoming a Dictator?

Chairman Jerry Nadler Running The House Judiciary Committee Chaos Breaks Out – Published May 20, 2019,

Caught by us bloggers who have way to much time watching C-Span!



Other than that, all is well in the swamp.

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