Chaos breaks out during Nadler’s House Judiciary hearing


If there is any question about the functioning Committee of Nadler’s Judiciary, take a few seconds out to observe the chaos. The Democrats are opining that Trump is becoming a Dictator? Check out Nadler.

You can bet that Mueller will not be testifying in a public hearing.


14 Responses to “Chaos breaks out during Nadler’s House Judiciary hearing”

  1. lauren Says:

    The president and our Beautiful First Lady are the first state guests of Emperor Naruhito in Japan.

    Melania Trump looked absolutely Gorgeous, unlike the Former First Lady who spent so much time on Late Night TV Talk Shows doing her famous Jumping Jacks!

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  2. geeez2014 Says:

    Is this right before Nadler ‘swooned’ from ‘dehydration’ and had to get medical help? What he needs is psychiatric help and a copy of the Constitution and House Rules.

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  3. dave drake Says:

    Such an appropriate video clip to run today, May 25…which is National W(h)ine Day 🙂

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  4. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    This chaos occurred during the Barr no-show, right?

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  5. bunkerville Says:

    Yep… I am too…


  6. Linda Says:

    Well…at least they are all on the same page; Collusion, Deranged, afraid of Pelosi, she handed him his lunch…I don’t know what to say…just so sick of them.

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  7. David Montaigne Says:

    Looks like he should be arrested and removed from being in charge of proceedings.

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