Why anyone who is anyone wants Julian Assange dead


I have never been to war. Other than being mugged twice in West Philadelphia I never have feared for my life. I still feel that cold metal pressed against my spine. It only lasted a few minutes. For that and other reasons, I never passed judgement on those willing to go into the killing fields of war. It didn’t seem fair. It has always been thank you for your service. Period. Full stop.

There has been something about this Julian Assange guy that has troubled me. He made me think about a topic I would prefer not to think about. After all, war is hell don’t you know. I have been told that. Should there be “rules of engagement?” Seemed odd. Heck we took out whole cities in WWII in Germany and that thing in Japan really had collateral damage for sure. Anyhow. Take a look at this and tell me what you think. I only took a portion of the post:

Authored by Thomas Neuberger via Down With Tyranny blog,

Below is a full video version of Collateral Murder, the 2007 war footage that was leaked in 2010 to Wikileaks by Chelsea (then Bradley) Manning. This version was posted to the Wikileaks YouTube channel with subtitles. It will only take about 15 minutes of your life to view it.

The film also shows war crimes that implicate the entire structure of the U.S. military, as everyone involved was acting under orders, seeking permission to fire, waiting, then getting it before once more blasting away. The publication of this video, plus all the Wikileaks publications that followed, comprise the whole reason everyone in the U.S. who matters, everyone with power, wants Julian Assange dead.

They also want him hated. Generating that hate is the process we’re watching today.

“Everyone” in this case includes every major newspaper that published and received awards for publishing Wikileaks material; all major U.S. televised media outlets; and all “respectable” U.S. politicians — including, of course, Hillary Clinton, who was rumored (though unverifiably) to have said, “Can’t we just drone this guy?”


The Wikileaks page for the video is here. A transcript is here.

This was done in our name, to “keep us safe.” This continues to be done every day that we and our allies are at “war” in the Middle East.


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6 Responses to “Why anyone who is anyone wants Julian Assange dead”

  1. Sunday Respite – Told to the Heart | BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! Says:

    […] Why anyone who is anyone wants Julian Assange dead […]


  2. the unit Says:

    You moved, right? Mug me once shame on you. Mug me twice… 🙂

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  3. Mustang Says:

    Here at home if you shoot someone who threatens your life or the lives of your loved ones, it’s probably going to be ruled as a “justifiable homicide,” in “self-defense.” Depending on the circumstances of the event, an inquest may decide that (1) a murder occurred, and (2) the murder was legal. It is the same standard applied to police officers who administer lethal violence in the performance of their duties. Some state’s laws are more lenient than others, of course. For example, only thugs are allowed to kill others in Chicago; citizens do not have the right of self-defense.

    I’ve always been puzzled by the term “war crime.” War, which involves the intentional killing of an enemy, and which always involves extreme violence, is by every reasonable definition, sanctioned murder. War is “mass murder.” We must answer: Is the mass murder of war justified? In my mind, the answer could be affirmative, but it must always depend on the circumstances. Here is where we must carefully analyze the decision to go to war. Is our country justified in sending its own citizens into harm’s way for the express purpose of killing others? I believe this question caused some angst among our founding fathers, and why they decided that any decision to declare war must reside within Congress of the United States —rather than with the President. We have sent our young men to war regularly since the end of World War II, which was the last time Congress declared war. Since then, congressional authority has been budgetary and communicated through “resolutions.” Resolutions are not legal acts; resolutions merely allow Congress to avoid making such a momentous decision, passing the buck over to the President. In my view, this is a shameful behavior. I want congress to declare war, and then I want us to win that war … and win it big. The more horrendous our victory, the less likely it will be in the future that people will mess with us.

    Now we add to the discussion “rules of engagement.” In the past, they’ve been quite simple. In war, simple is good. World War II: locate the enemy and kill him. In those days, the enemy was wearing an easily discernible uniform, plus, he was shooting at you. Now, in the Middle East, there are enemies who dress themselves in civilian attire, and who routinely hide themselves among women and children (who in Middle Eastern cultures are at best an inferior caste). From within crowded bazars and rooftops, the enemy fires at our troops or detonate explosives. One would think that people shooting at our troops would satisfy the test of ROEs, but no. Now the troops have to call higher headquarters and obtain permission to return fire. From the military perspective, this is patently stupid. While our troops are seeking permission to return fire, the enemy makes his escape; he will live another day to attack our men again, and again, and again. Until we kill him. So, then, why do we impose these restrictions? We do it to “cover our ass” in case of a war-crime trial. It is pathetic. Most combat troops think that we have too many lawyers running around inside the battle area and who, in terms of the ROEs, place our own troops at greater risk. We should wonder how many of our young men have been killed while waiting for permission to engage an enemy.

    Now to Assange. Before his release of such visual evidence, who among us did not think that combat is a lethal endeavor? Whoever imagined war as an afternoon picnic must be an idiot. War is pure hell on earth. Every rational person knows this. Every rational person, including our combat troops, having experienced war, prefer to avoid it in the future. War is a crime in the same way that self-defense is a crime —but justified. Now that we understand this, let “we the people” impose our will upon the Congress to do their Constitutionally mandated job of declaring war. Doing that, we can then return to simple ROEs. With simple ROEs, we can overwhelm the enemy in a shorter period of time and bring our young men home again. Note: I’m not sure why we’re still in Afghanistan.

    I believe you’re right. There are some people who want Assange dead. He knows where the bodies are buried. Democrats do not want him extradited, and I’m sure Clinton/Clapper/Comey wouldn’t hesitate more than a second before ordering him “taken out.” Were it not for Assange, we would not know anything about Hillary’s crimes or the deep state conspiracy against Donald J. Trump (and everyone who voted for him). Let’s just remember that Assange didn’t take our country to “illegal” war. That was Congress, Bush the Younger, Obama the Apologist (who I believe provided the enemy with aid and comfort), and now Trump. Note: I have no idea why Trump thinks that sending our forces to Iran is a good idea.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Points well made Mustang.. My take on the whole thing as well. When I first became aware of the absurdity was every year there was a “fighting Season” – apparently weather related. Nuts. Never to win, only to keep the military well funded and to go on forever,

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  4. markone1blog Says:

    The crazy thing is that WikiLeaks was set up by the Brits/US/Aussie/Taiwanese governments to undermine the Red Chinese during the freedom push in China. turned out that freely-available information could come back and bite the US. However, most of the files there go against India and Burma.

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