George Soros long fingers in Chicago and DA races, State Secretaries of State

One benefit that has occurred with the Smollett case in Chicago was the name George Soros came to the fore. George has been a very busy man with local and State elections these past years focusing on little appreciated obscure positions in State governments such as Secretarys of State. These are critical positions that handle elections. Lately he has moved on to District Attorneys.

Example A:

Michelle Obama and Chief of Staff Tina Tchen

One Tina Tchen who greased the skids for Smollett via Foxx.

Tchen is a close pal of Obama consigliere Valerie Jarrett and a longtime bag woman for Illinois Democrats

Tchen headed up the “Office of Public Engagement,” a murky outfit overseen by Jarrett that, among other things, had its hands in the Obama’s failed Chicago Crony-lympics bid and was in the middle of Obama administration efforts to recruit artists to advance their political agenda.

I pointed out in November 2009 that Tchen, a high-powered campaign finance bundler for Team Obama who personally raised more than $200,000 while a lawyer at Skadden Arps, is listed in White House visitor logs as having met there with none other than…  George Soros.

From Michelle Malkin

George Soros Spent $408k on Prosecutor in Jussie Smollett Case

Kim Foxx

Then we had State Attorney FOXX. 

Left-wing billionaire mega-donor George Soros donated $408,000 in 2016 to a super PAC that supported Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, whose office prosecuted — and dropped — the Jussie Smollett case

Law Enforcement Today


George Soros, the billionaire of progressive-slash-socialist and globalist causes the world over, has been busy buying his way into local district attorney campaigns in the United States. He has found he can get a lot of bang for his bucks in these races.

George Soros

Talk about trying to turn the judicial system into an activist camp for the left.

It’s one thing to exercise one’s First Amendment rights to support candidates with similar political leanings. It’s another thing entirely to try and collapse a limited government republic, from the bottom up, and implement, in its place, a judicial branch filled with people who twist the Bill of Rights into something it’s not, the Constitution into something it was never intended to be, and the rule of law into a mocking tool for far-left gain.

In California alone:

He was referring to the big money that Soros, via his funding of progressive-minded California Justice & Publicly Safety PAC, is tossing into several local D.A. races. In Contra Costa, a Soros-tied PAC has kicked in $100,000-plus to support the leftist candidate; in Alameda County, more than $550,000 of Soros-tied money has gone to a hard-core civil rights attorney fighting for the comparatively conservative District Attorney Nancy O’Malley’s seat. Another $400,000 or so of Soros money’s gone toward the Sacramento County district attorney race.

Washington Times

But the real deal are the State Secretary offices. Think it doesn’t matter? Look what happened with having Mark Ritchie Secretary of State in Minnesota and the Al Franken win. Who is Mark Ritchie?

Ritchie in the 1990s had been a member of the now-defunct socialist New Party.[20] Moreover, he has ideological ties to the Communist Party USA and has been described by communist Tim Wheeler as a “friend” of the Party.

It gave us Obamacare with the 60th vote.

Minnesota’s November election for U.S. Senate, Republican incumbent Norm Coleman finished 725 votes ahead of Democratic challenger Al Franken; the thin margin of victory, however, triggered an automatic recount. With Mark Ritchie presiding over the recount process during the ensuing weeks, Coleman’s lead gradually dwindled due to what journalist Matthew Vadum describes as a long series of “appalling irregularities” that invariably benefited Franken.

As USA Today reported at the time: “The political battle for control of the federal government has opened up a new front: the obscure but vital state offices that determine who votes and how those votes are counted.”[11]

The Secretary of State Project (SoSP) was established in July 2006 as an independent “527” organization devoted to helping Democrats get elected to the office of secretary-of-state in selected swing, or battleground, states.

One of the principal duties of the secretary of state is to serve as the chief election officer who certifies candidates as well as election results in his or her state.[2] The holder of this office, then, can potentially play a key role in determining the winner of a close election. Funding included George Soros. Other players were Mark Ritchie.

To establish “election protection” against similar disappointments in subsequent political races, SoSP in 2006 targeted its funding efforts on the secretary-of-state races in seven swing states: Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, and Ohio.[10]

Democrats emerged victorious in five of those seven elections, all except Colorado and Michigan. would later characterize SoSP as “an administrative firewall” designed, “in anticipation of a photo-finish presidential election,” to protect Democrats’ “electoral interests in … the most important battleground states.”[12]

In 2008, SoSP supported Democratic secretary-of-state candidates in Missouri, Montana, Oregon and West Virginia; all four Democrats won. These results represented yet another high return on a relatively small financial investment for SoSP.

Read more

All going as planned. George Soros sponsored this little number Foxx as DA. Purpose? To break down the final thin blue line and society as a whole. To create this very angst. It is the Alinsky and Cloward-Piven way. The latest shiny object to keep us off our toes and overwhelm the system.

Other than that, all’s well in the swamp.

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19 Responses to “George Soros long fingers in Chicago and DA races, State Secretaries of State”

  1. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    “His career has been an extraordinary one. He is a man of good birth and excellent education, endowed by nature with a phenomenal mathematical faculty. At the age of twenty-one he wrote a treatise upon the Binomial Theorem, which has had a European vogue. On the strength of it he won the Mathematical Chair at one of our smaller universities, and had, to all appearance, a most brilliant career before him. But the man had hereditary tendencies of the most diabolical kind. A criminal strain ran in his blood, which, instead of being modified, was increased and rendered infinitely more dangerous by his extraordinary mental powers. Dark rumours gathered round him in the university town, and eventually he was compelled to resign his chair and to come down to London, where he set up as an army coach. So much is known to the world, but what I am telling you now is what I have myself discovered.”

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  2. Steve Dennis Says:

    We can only hope that with the FBI now looking into this that some of it will finally be exposed. Of course the FBI hasn’t exactly covered itself in glory lately…

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  3. Kid Says:

    I’m sensing that the cockroaches are goring to start getting some consequences via DJ Trump now that his hands are no longer tied by the pathetic mueller investigation.

    Liked by 2 people

    • bunkerville Says:

      Looking forward to MAGA at 7….he is going to let loose…Yep… I am hopeful.


      • Kid Says:

        This was his focus for he (to abandon his business life) and family to throw themselves into the fire. It cannot be possible he wimps out at this point. No way. He’s going after those bastards who have been destroying America. It only remains to be seen how many he/they can get.

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  4. dave drake Says:

    I lived through the Mark Richie years. The MN DEM Machine loved him. Most others did not. He attempted to pull so much crap it was unbelievable. Most Dems who don’t fall into the Extreme Left category didn’t like him a whole lot either. MN non-metro areas vote Red, but the metro areas and cities are as Blue as Blue. And parts of northern MN Blue too, where folks still are under the false belief that Dems are for the “working people”. I wanna live long enough to see MN flip Red just once. Ugh….

    Franken resigning was one of my celebratory days. Now we have Dem Tina as U.S. Senator, who was appointed to fill Franken’s empty seat, and she won re-election. She was formerly Lt. Gov. Had she come out of nowhere as a candidate for Senate and had no name recognition, she would have lost to tree branch running against her.

    My other fear is the possibility of Texas turning Blue in the 2020 prez election.

    Sorry, kind of rambling here….

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    • bunkerville Says:

      If your worried about Texas… I sure am worried about Florida. Half of PR came over after the hurricanes…then all the felons have been given the vote… Registration is a total joke now.
      Thanks for the insight into what once was a wonderful State.


  5. markone1blog Says:

    Funny how the SPLC has been so rife with southern-typical racism and alpha-male sexism all the while they have been stabbing at churches and conservative non-profits (e.g., the Eagle Forum). So they push their top guys out and install Michelle Obama’s fixer (Tina Tchen).

    All of this happening just in time for an attack on advancing conservative candidates near Chicago. Does anyone believe that Rham Emanuel was upset about the Smollett case? I think he should get an Oscar.

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  6. Mustang Says:

    It is precisely our Constitutional safeguards that allows our enemy to advance their multi-faceted agenda: the Soros organizations are numerous. In 2014, his so-called Open Society Foundation paid out $777-million to rights and justice, government accountability, administration, education and youth, health, and media/information groups. I would say that this has been a rather substantial “contribution” to disrupting mainstream American. By the way, this has been going on since 1995, so multiply the above amount by 23-years. That’s around $18-billion. Hard to imagine that one person and a devoted son could hate America that badly. If we wanted to know the impact, one has only to look at racial discord in this country to connect the dots. Beyond the Soros foundations, look also to the Tides Foundation and the people who run it. Soros money also aids and abets Islamist infiltration, the destruction of our educational system, pitting radical elements against mainstream society, and illegal immigration.

    Soros and others are winning this fight because it involves so many anti-American programs that it is impossible for the average citizen to keep up with them, or to even understand their likely consequences. Who even thinks about secretaries of state, or seemingly “low level” races for states’ attorney? I don’t think it is a matter that most American’s don’t care. I think they do care, but Joe Citizen is being overwhelmed by these cretins who tentacles seem to be in everything. Ah, if only we had a non-partisan press in this country. I wonder how much Soros or Saudi money pays off the cable networks … it makes me glad we have bloggers such as Bunkerville and were it not for these efforts, the American people would know nothing at all.

    Liked by 2 people

    • bunkerville Says:

      It is hard to understand his evilness. And we have his spawn just laying in wait for the final death blows.
      You are right… no media coverage. Now with the EU and its copyright laws coming, we shall see less and less of any true facts as to how the world is spinning.

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  7. petermc3 Says:

    The real and eminent threat are america’s Students who at every level are being brainwashed and prepped to vote for the left and its causes which means the inevitable is inevitable. What I learned last week from an 18 year old female biology student at Bergen Community College in Paramus, NJ is that Carter was the greatest presidential ever, Bush, Cheney and Trump are responsible for past and present government corruption and President Reagan brought crack into the black community. Global warming? I can’t begin to paraphrase the endless diatribe she spurted out. What stands out though is what 18 year old even knows the name of ex-VP Cheney? She doesn’t until according to her a chemistry teacher-not a language or socialism teacher- turned her on to these TRUTHS. Scary….

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Where are/were the parents in their responsibility of raising an educated child? That is where I am at these days.


    • Mustang Says:

      Interesting, Peter. Soros isn’t the only American-hating rich guy. Look also to John Kerry and Tereza Heinz Kerry and their millions of dollars donated to the so-called “Sustainability” programs, all of which are designed to change the face of the American Republic. It goes to the level you introduced, which is brainwashing young minds* to believe in and support untrue progressive propositions. From their own words, “Sustainability in Education” seeks to “ … develop the knowledge, skills, values and world-views necessary for people to act in ways that contribute to more sustainable patterns of living. It enables individuals and communities to reflect on ways of interpreting and engaging with the world. Sustainability education is futures-oriented, focusing on protecting environments and creating a more ecologically and socially just world through informed action.

      Yeah, we all need more “social justice.”

      Kerry-Heinz have done quite a lot of damage to the United States—they and other “social justice” rich cats, which when combined with the Soros machine, is substantial. One never hears about this in the press. In most countries, traitors are executed. In America, they join the progressive movement within the Democratic Party.

      *Psychologists argue that the human brain isn’t fully formed until between the 25th and 30th year of life, and yet most college students’ brains are being warped by neo-communists before the age of 22-years. You don’t hear much about this, either.

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