Georgia Lawmaker Proposes to Regulate Men’s Testicles


Today we go from the sublime to the absurd. I am plum wore out with these crazies.


A Georgia lawmaker proposed a “testicular bill of rights” package Monday in response to the state’s advancement of a bill to outlaw abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected.

Democratic state Rep. Dar’shun Kendrick seeks to regulate male bodies in response to what she contests is the regulation of women’s wombs.

The bill would require men to ask permission from their partners before taking Viagra or erectile dysfunction medication and wait 24 hours before purchasing a sex toy. The lawmaker wants to classify sex without a condom as “aggravated assault” and ban vasectomy procedures.

Men would also be forced to begin paying child support before a woman reaches eight weeks in pregnancy.

Kendrick announced the legislation on Twitter.


Dar’shun Kendrick


Ggggooooodddd morning! Introducing my “testicular bill of rights” legislative package. You want some regulation of bodies and choice? Done!



More at Daily Caller

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10 Responses to “Georgia Lawmaker Proposes to Regulate Men’s Testicles”

  1. Kid Says:

    I suspect these idiots are going to distance themselves so far from men And make themselves so toxic they’ll have to become lesbians to get any. I can sure in hell wait them out.

    As it is, if I was a big pocket company I’d never hire another woman. Ever.

    Shit happens to everyone. The world does not need to change as a result of it.

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  2. Steve Dennis Says:

    This is not what I would call a “bill of rights” if you want to get technical about it. 😉
    Like you wrote, we have finally entered the absurd! The are becoming more and more unhinged and this is not going to stop until Trump is out of office.

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  3. Mustang Says:

    Dar’shaun could be Swahili for “No, not even after a case of beer …”

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  4. mike440 Says:

    The stupidity is astounding.

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  5. petermc3 Says:

    Oh snap! Its truly sad indeed when a man has to cross state lines to purchase sex toys unless of course one has an Amazon account.
    In addition to child support at eight weeks shouldn’t the prospective father be made to open a 529 account?
    If a man has multiple sex partners need he get permission from all of the women before purchasing the little blue pill?
    Could sex without a condom be downgraded from aggravated assault to assault with a friendly weapon?
    And will condoms be covered under a man’s health insurance in line with coverage of a woman’s birth control, huh?
    All questions needing answering…. 🔫

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I am more than sure the author of this bill will be more than happy to find an answer to your question. The only one left of course is when is castration the preferred choice?


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