Iran’s Rouhani Makes First Visit Ever To Iraq To “Bypass Unjust US Sanctions”


Cable TCM’s showing of “Lawrence of Arabia” recently reminded us of the eternal quagmire of the MIddle East. When I saw this headline out of Zero Hedge I could only feel sadness. How much blood and treasure we have given.  Yet, in today’s news we hear nothing. Only the latest antics of three women plus Sarsour, roaming Congress, Muslim supporting women – who would destroy us from within. Add Israel as well. And the Kurds? We leave then to their own devices one more time.



What Iran is billing as President Hassan Rouhani’s first “historic” and landmark visit to Iraq, both the United States and Israel are seeing as a provocative move to solidify Iran’s influence over Baghdad.

Just prior to arriving in Iraq Monday, Rouhani said on state television that his country is determined to “strengthen its brotherly ties” with neighboring Iraq. It’s expected that the three-day visit will result in a wide range of economic deals in fields such as energy, transport, and agriculture; however, as Israel’s Haaretz writes based on a Reuters report:

The visit is a strong message to the United States and its regional allies that Iran still dominates Baghdad, a key arena for rising tension between Washington and Tehran.


Over the past year immense tension has grown between allies Baghdad and Washington over Iraq’s reliance on Iran-backed Iraqi Shiite paramilitary units to wage war against ISIS and other Sunni terror groups.

As Al Jazeera notes:

Since Rouhani’s election in 2013, Iraq has relied on Iranian paramilitary support to fight ISIL following the group’s capture of the Iraqi city of Mosul and other territories in both Iraq and Syria.

Now, with the armed fighters facing a final territorial defeat in the Syrian village of Baghouz, Iran is looking for Iraq’s continued support as it faces a maximalist pressure campaign by President Donald Trump after his decision to withdraw the United States from Tehran’s nuclear deal with world powers.

But this is ultimately the lasting legacy of Bush and Cheney’s 2003 regime change war and toppling of Saddam Hussein: they overthrew a Sunni Baath secular dictator in exchange for entrenching pro-Iran influence in Baghdad, to the delight of the Ayatollahs.

Washington can now behold the fruits of its neocon interventionist labor as Iran’s president is granted a hero’s welcome in the heart of Baghdad (this after Iran and Iraq were very recently bitter enemies)  all the while US officials in the same city will look on helplessly from the sidelines.

Zero Hedge

Bonus flashback:

Sarsour caught on camera talks about her mentor WTC terrorist Siraj Wahhaj




11 Responses to “Iran’s Rouhani Makes First Visit Ever To Iraq To “Bypass Unjust US Sanctions””

  1. Does anyone give a darn about this Iran business? | BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! Says:

    […] Last week I posted Iran’s Rouhani Makes First Visit Ever To Iraq To “Bypass Unjust US Sanctions” […]


  2. Hootin' Anni Says:

    I can honestly say I haven’t been keeping up with any news lately being Springtime in Texas. “Druther” be outside. Life’s too short to dwell on politics when the sun’s shining & 80°.

    Happy Tuesday.

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  3. geeez2014 Says:

    Sorry for the ‘test’, I had written a lengthy comment and it didn’t publish. Let me just say again, quicker, that I believe Islam has nukes we don’t know about or France and Germany wouldn’t jump to their desires like they are…and I also have felt “If we don’t get them there, they’ll come here” REALLY wears thin but that there must be something to it or we wouldn’t be there. We surely get absolutely nothing positive from losing our young people and spending gazillions of dollars there, do we.

    Also, I want to leave there yesterday…. AND, I believe many world leaders are playing our leftwing media like fine violins…it’s hard for a president to have enemies doing things because they feel safe in insulting us/Trump…..and supported by CNN and MSNBC and others, overtly or not…and I believe that’s what’s happening. Iran must LOVE that our own media, and so many throughout our country, don’t support Trump. I hate that.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Sorry you had a problem… I have gotten into cutting and pasting if I have a comment I don’t want to lose… anyhu….. something sure stinks… Germany taking back thousands of ISIS fighters make no sense. But then, little now makes any sense to me at all.

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  4. Mustang Says:

    I am not at all happy with the result of our foreign policy. It seems dangerously inept. I first of all do not see a “national interest” in involving ourselves in the Islamic world. We certainly cannot look into the recent past and argue that foreign policy or diplomacy after 2001 has worked out to the interests of the American people. Quite the contrary, in fact. Common sense suggests that if whatever we’ve been doing hasn’t worked, then we ought to stop doing it. I’m not entirely an isolationist, but I do think that the precious resources we’ve wasted in the Middle East (and elsewhere … Africa comes to mind) could be better used here at home. There are a lot of suffering Americans; do they not count?

    Apart from this, Iran views itself as the center of a new emerging caliphate. They want to incorporate area partners into the movement. We bunged up Iraq so badly that I cannot imagine that we would have any credibility with those folks at this late date. And don’t think for a moment that Russia and China are seeking to capitalize on our incompetence. Perhaps the best thing we could in the Middle East is to cut them loose.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I agree totally…..We managed to make arch enemies at least potential allies. Worse, it is a lesson that our foreign policy is only as good as a presidential term. Libya for one comes to mind.
      I would be a isolationist if it weren’t for the need for rare earth minerals… all those minerals we never hear about what one day will be much more precious than what oil ever was… it keeps our tech humming…. China has been buying up and making deals for decades. I hear/see nothing on our side. Tv’s to cancer treatments.

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    • Mustang Says:

      I’ve been thinking that our diplomatic corps should adopt a portion of the Hippocratic Oath: first, do no harm. Now try to imagine that because of idiotic policy, all the really smart people decided that life was simpler in academia or resigned to work within a corporate structure. Who would be left behind in the state department? Answer: all the people who are careerist sycophants who would sell their sisters into prostitution in exchange for a civil service step increase. What I’ve discovered is that foggy bottom is crawling with people who have all the Ivy League degrees and Rolex graduation watches, but not a lick of common sense or a modicum of knowledge about the culture of the country to which assigned. It boggles the mind, actually. Frank Snepp spoke about the US Embassy in Saigon; not one person on the diplomatic or intel side spoke Vietnamese or knew beans about their history. Judging from Paul Bremer’s fiasco in Iraq, it would seem that not much has changed.

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      • bunkerville Says:

        Worse, we have a new generation that knows nothing of history…. so now the egg heads aren’t even required to have a history course, not that it would matter with the instruction they would be given.
        Even worse than that is we few Americans with inquiring minds. Why would they. Here in the U.S. it is non stop with the Muslim women who are making fools of everyone and laughing at us to boot. There is zero foreign news coverage.

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