Environmental Lawyers Target American Toilet Paper


Interesting isn’t it? One of the first “tells” in a declining democratic country is apparently the need to restrict by price or by other means diminish access to toilet paper. Venezuela a case in point.

Chicago Tribune

After socialists run out of other people’s money, the people eventually run out of something almost as precious as money:

It’s happening right now in Venezuela, once a socialist, oil-rich paradise and land of great shortstops. But Venezuela is fast becoming a thoroughly failed state.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen here. A nation without toilet paper is a nation ungovernable. The social chaos, the whining, the aggravation — not to mention the horror of alternative methods, like cobs of corn — would just drive people insane.


Now they are coming for our toilet paper. We are greedy users. And we don’t use the right kind.

Furthermore, it turns out that consumers – you and me – prefer pristine looking toilet paper to ugly, unbleached, 100% recycled stuff. It turns out few of us are prepared to pay extra for TP that has a higher ratio of recycled content. While TP manufacturers are criticized in this report, we are the real problem since we’re the source of that “demand for virgin fiber.”

From the report:

It is time to reexamine current norms of tissue production and consumption. It is also time for companies to act more as global citizens and usher the world into a more sustainable paradigm. Fortunately, solutions promoting healthy forests and a healthy planet already exist. Companies and consumers simply need to embrace them.



We have been led to believe that good forrest management is no forrest management. Just look at the tremendous fires we had last year. Good forrest management is cutting and removing timber from time to time. New growth offers food resources for animals. Sick and dying trees need to be removed to control the spread of disease.

But now we are under attack by the Greenies. It is at our peril not to respond to their court challenges as well as their lobbying.

“Everyone’s standard of living drops as daily necessities become more costly”

Here we go:

The Issue With Tissue: How Americans are Flushing Forests Down the Toilet is a real report. It was released last week by the Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC).


Described as one of America’s “most powerful environmental groups,” this outfit is a band of lawyers and lobbyists. Rather than doing something useful with their lives, they spend their time harassing businesses who employ people in small logging towns, including many First Nations/native Indian/indigenous breadwinners.

Nothing is ever good enough for these parasite lawyers. Even when forestry companies bend over backward to satisfy their demands, the goalposts keep shifting.

This report declares that “FSC and FSC-Mix certification are not enough” (p. 18). Over at the FSC website, we read that:

FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests…

But the parasite lawyers deem this insufficient. Why?

Because, these protocols don’t alleviate the significant demand for virgin fiber. Only transitioning away from forest content by incorporating post consumer   recycled materials and alternate fibers will stop the needless and unsustainable use of trees for throwaway tissue products. [bold added, p. 18]

Honestly, one doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. First of all, trees grow on trees. They’re another kind of crop. Humans grow them, harvest them, then grow more of them.

If the harvesting of this crop takes place in “responsibly managed forests,” there’s nothing unsustainable about it.

The NRDC’s use of those other morally-charged terms – needless and throwaway – is no accident. These people are pushing an extremist agenda that looks a lot like religious fanaticism. They consider it sinful for humans to feed their families by cutting down trees so that useful products can be made from them.

More at Parasite Green Lawyers Target Toilet Paper

For full report:

The NRDC press release about the TP report is here.

”WASHINGTON – A new report takes the largest tissue companies to task for destroying North American forests and exacerbating the world’s climate crisis.

The 31-page report can be downloaded here.


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