300,000 anchor babies each year exceed U.S birthrate in 48 States


Just in case you still think we are keeping our culture, think again. But before we get to this, think about what Florida is considering. Don’t worry about anchor babies, Florida wants the “migrant” caravan. Now thats a joke.

It is unbelievable that Florida is even considering turning itself turning into a Marxist state. Florida under Gillum would welcome the 14,000 illegal migrant caravan.

and if the above didn’t cause concern, try this-

New wide-ranging analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies‘ Steven Camarotta reveals that there are roughly 297,000 births per year to illegal immigrants.

There are now more illegal aliens giving birth to anchor babies in the Los Angeles, California metro area than there are total United States births in 14 states and the District of Columbia.

The analysis notes that the nearly 300,000 anchor babies born every year in the U.S. exceed the total number of all U.S. births in all but two states: California and Texas. Likewise, the annual number of anchor babies born in the U.S. exceeds the number of births in 16 states plus the District of Colombia, combined. –

As Breitbart News reported, in the Los Angeles, California metro area, illegal alien births make up nearly 18 percent of all births in the region. In the Las Vegas, Nevada metro area, illegal alien births account for about 17 percent of all births.

California — a sanctuary state for illegal aliens — has the largest number of illegal alien births with about 65,000 illegal alien births every year. Texas has about 51,000 illegal alien births every year, while Florida has about 16,000 illegal alien births every year.

The Supreme Court, however, has never explicitly ruled that the children of illegal aliens must be granted automatic citizenship and many legal scholars dispute the idea. There are at least 4.5 million anchor babies in the U.S. — exceeding the annual roughly 4 millionAmerican babies born every year.



9 Responses to “300,000 anchor babies each year exceed U.S birthrate in 48 States”

  1. jtdorsaneo Says:

    God help us!!

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  2. Kid Says:

    I suspect few of these brand new squirrels in a pine tree have any interest in merging with American Society and Culture

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  3. the unit Says:

    Well, it down to the nitty gritty.
    Know we all gonna vote.
    My prediction come Nov.6. 🙂

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  4. Mustang Says:

    To my mind, the issue really is pig simple. If a child is born in the United States to parents who legally arrived and or are legally entitled to be in the United States, then that child is a citizen of the United States. Conversely, a child born to parents in the United States who are not legally entitled to be in the United States, is not a citizen.

    With respect to any legislation governing this question, the issue is moot since no legislation may modify the meaning and intent of the Constitution of the United States —a principle long held by the Supreme Court of the United States. That said, however, we should recall that the United States has granted “Amnesty” to illegal aliens in the past.

    The Simpson-Mazzoli Act was signed into law by Ronald Reagan, enacted 1986. It granted temporary legal status to unauthorized immigrants who had been living in the United States continually since 1982 so long as they paid a $185.00 fee and could demonstrate that they have good moral character.

    In 1994, Congress approved what was known as a Section 245(i) amnesty, which ws the basis for pardoning 578,000 illegal aliens who paid fines of $1,000.00 each. This amnesty was renewed in 1997, and again in 2000. The last reinstatement resulted in amnesty for 900,000 illegal aliens.

    Also, in 1997, the Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act gave legal status to about one million illegal immigrants from Central America. NARCARA granted amnesty to people from Nicaragua and Cuba who had lived in the United States since 1995, along with their spouses and unmarried children so long as they applied for amnesty by 1 April 2000.

    In 1998, Congress approved the Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act after people from Haiti successfully argued that it would be discrimination of the US refused them the same treatment provided to others under NACARA.

    We can see that Congressional meddling has created an extremely slippery slope with respect to illegal migration to the United States. In my opinion, Reagan was wrong to grant amnesty in 1986 and I think that it was he who started this unhappy trend. I should also point out that subsequent acts were floated through Congress during the Clinton administration and in all likelihood, no one in the United States was aware that these machinations were going on.

    Our concerns now are two: First, with respect to Section 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment, whether children born in the United States of parents who are NOT entitled to be in the United States, are citizens. If the parents of a child born in the United States violated US law in arriving in the US, by remaining in the US, and/or if they did not avail themselves of lawful means in coming here (i.e., applying for asylum), then any child born of those parents in the United States is not a citizen. Second, what are we going to do with upwards of ten million children who now live in the United States, who in the entire space of their lives have thought that they are citizens when in fact they are not? It is hard to imagine that the US government will attempt now to “deport” these people, even if they had a clue as to their identities or their present locations. What we can say for sure is that the Democrats have screwed up our country in a major way—more, even, than any of us previously realized.

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