A Self-Reliant America


A Self-reliant America

By Mustang

Are Americans self-reliant? My guess is that no more than half of our population think of themselves as such; the rest have given themselves up to the good graces of the government. But of those who think that they are self-reliant, how many actually are? A self-reliant American might look something like this:

  • One who rejects conformity in favor of individuality
  • One who believes that he or she alone controls his/her own destiny
  • One who understands his or her civic duty and can be trusted to do it
  • One who understands that he or she bears responsibility for government
  • One who realizes that personal enlightenment is achieved only through individual effort
  • One who reasons that our only source of truth is our morality
  • One who will pursue right because it is rightThe notion of self-reliance has been predominant in American social development from our colonial period —until only recently, when politicians realized that self-reliance hindered the success of politicians. Upon this realization, beginning after the Civil War, politicians began to formulate programs that were designed to transform self-reliant individuals into government dependencies. Some examples:
  • Enslaving Americans to government entitlement programs: individual welfare, farming subsidies, small business loans, and tax breaks for small-to-medium sized corporations of every description (banking, finance, industry, agriculture, and services) (Politicians maintained control over the largest corporations for their own benefit)
  • Creating educational programs guaranteed to destroy a person’s ability to think for themselves
  • Formulating and instituting policies certain to stifle individuality by rewarding group-think
  • Creating environments guaranteed to prevent individuals from reaching their full potential
  • Convincing an entire class of citizens that they could never succeed without government help and guidance; institutionalizing the bigotry of low-expectations.There are two sources of citizenship: natural birth or naturalization. No matter how one becomes a citizen, he or she becomes entitled to certain rights, but also incurs certain obligations. We call these two things the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. What rights? We find these within the Constitution of the United States and its amendments. The duties of American citizenship are these:
  • Understand one’s rights, take advantage of them with wisdom, forbearance, and an analytical mind.
  • Demonstrate good faith and loyalty to one’s family, community, state, and the nation. Obey the law, peacefully participate in the political process, respect the rights of neighbors by granting to them the same amity we seek for ourselves.
  • Strive to live honorably; cheerfully serve on juries, satisfy tax obligations.
  • Work toward self-improvement, be a good steward of the environment, participate in community affairsWe all read the news; we are all aware that if you believe the news reports, the numbers of self-reliant citizens, which is to say good citizens, is in steep decline. On the other hand, can we really believe what the news agencies tell us? And could it be that if Americans are no longer self-reliant good citizens that news agencies are partly responsible? Do they not constantly remind us that we are not an exceptional people, that we are incapable of goodness without a strong (government) hand to keep us on the straight and narrow path?The population of the United States (and all of its communities) is growing at a rapid rate. Within large populations we (always) find an increase in crime, even if the percentage of crime per capita remains constant. To err is human … we will never end crimes against persons or property. No matter, we should still attempt to understand why people ignore their duties as citizens.

    For myself, I believe that part of this is that too many people are no longer “self-reliant.” They allow others to control their thoughts and ultimately, their bad deeds. Government, in seeking to sustain itself, allows bad behavior by contriving ad nauseam excuses for unacceptable conduct. Why should anyone hold him or herself responsible if,as the government elitists argue,it was all the fault of their parents? Or society? Or rich people?

    To this end, we should consider government’s role in such areas as substance abuse. If government was all-knowing and all-seeing, wouldn’t our drug abuse problem be already solved? How many murders, rapes, kidnappings, assaults, and robberies could the all-knowing government have prevented had it solved the drug problem in America?

    Self-reliant men do not abandon their wives and children; self-reliant women do not abandon their husbands or children. Self-reliant men and women do not intentionally put themselves in harm’s way; they avoid such things as sexual assault by refusing to put themselves into unenviable positions; they are watchful and aware of their surroundings.

    Self-reliant men and women are prepared and willing to defend themselves and their loved ones. Self-reliant men and women do not abuse one another, or their children. Everyone has problems, but self-reliant men and women find ways to solve their problems without causing disruption to their neighbors or communities. Self-reliant men and women in committed relationships always look out for one another.

    Suddenly, then, we find self-reliance, more than being some ambiguous or fictional notion of Americana, has a practical application to our ever-increasingly complex society.

Are Americans self-reliant? If not, can we ever get it back?

8 Responses to “A Self-Reliant America”

  1. Kid Says:

    I need to read this again and make a more focused comment but I have to say I heard today that the money going out for ‘welfare’ is more than we take in for taxes ! Wow !!!

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  2. the unit Says:

    ‘toon from long ago.
    Didn’t wait. Swam. 🙂

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  3. Always On Watch Says:

    For the AOW household, an element of self-reliance is one who refuses services from the county’s center of the aging when one can, with a bit of family and friends’ help, manage for oneself — if one paces oneself AND spent one’s youth saving “for that rainy day.”

    Over and over, our friends keep trying to push us into sucking from the county teat. Pffffft!

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    • Mustang Says:

      The AOW household has had a very rough journey over the past several years. You and yours remain in my prayers and you can be certain about that. As Mr. Reagan once told us, the last thing an American wants to hear is for someone to say, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” I rather think that government is the reason for many of our problems in society. Did you know that in South Texas, parents are no longer expected to feed their children breakfast in the morning? The school system offers FREE breakfast now (which, of course isn’t free at all) and they provided this service for the entire year, even when schools are closed for the summer. I keep waiting to hear that the government has taken over dinner, as well. Now we have well-to-over nourished young people who are unable to think for themselves and now regard themselves as “entitled.”

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  4. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    I was afraid I might not pass the test due to some unrealized fault.
    As to substance abuse, if that point is arguing for a libertarian ethos of no regulation, I fail.
    Our laws should reflect our common morality.
    If that morality proscribes drug abuse, our laws also should. But that was best informed when we had a common Judeo Christian ethos.

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    • Mustang Says:

      Completely agree, Ed. My point wasn’t that there should be no law against the use of illegal drugs, only that it serves the interest of the government to turn a blind eye to the fact of drug trafficking, sale, and use. People who have no mind of their own are the easiest to control. I think you may agree that our present government ignores the Constitution as if it never existed; so too does it ignore its own laws if, in doing so, it further’s the government’s goal of controlling us. Again I say, for a country like ours to have had a major role in defeating evil in two world wars and not be able to control its own borders, or protect its own people from illicit drugs and illegal immigration is rather astounding.

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