The Goal of Socialism is……..?


The Goal of Socialism…..


by Mustang

… is communism.  We know this because Vladimir Lenin told us so.  After all, if anyone should know, it would be the man who first implemented the inane notions of Karl Marx and Frederick Ingles.  If we fast forward through the next 100 years, we’ll find the result of communism has been somewhere on the order of one-hundred-million deaths.  I suspect that a socialist might argue, “Well, if you wanted to avoid 100-million deaths, all you had to do was sit down, shut up, and do what you’re told.”

The facts about socialism and communism are sufficiently dismal to make me wonder why any American would wish to pursue a socialist agenda.

I was reading a commentary at AOW’s blog the other day.  Writer “Silverfiddle” reminded us that the Democratic Party is home to leftwing mob violence.  He’s right about that, and so too is a commenter named Sam, who wrote:

Marxist/leftist theory is only the tip of the iceberg.  What follows theory is the leftist program, which defines the aims of the movement, provides a strategy to implement the program, and offers the tactics to set civil unrest and discord into motion.  This is not something new, and it is not new inside the borders of the United States.  It’s been going on for quite a while.

It is also quite complex, involving main and auxiliary organizations.  If we pull back the cover of leftist activism, we will find that there are differences in tactics that depend upon the social group that is intended to implement them: one set for disaffected blacks, another for illegal aliens, another for slow-thinking college students, another for unions, and so on.

Tactics may also include regional differences.  But we can say for certain there is a method to the leftist madness—and there are no shortages of examples where the communist left has provoked civil unrest all the way back to the late 19th Century.

In the modern sense, the underlying strategy is one of terror, which places the American communist left in the same camp as Islamic radicals.  As Silverfiddle has said, disagree with any mind-numbing leftist contention and you run the risk of being assaulted.

I’ve asked this question before (admittedly a rhetorical one): why would any thinking American EVER vote for a Democrat?  The answer is that a thinking American wouldn’t —but we don’t have a plethora of these sitting around waiting to vote patriotism, do we?

I have no crystal ball, so I think the upcoming mid-term elections will be instructive to all of us.  The worst thing that could happen is that conservatives will stay home on election day.  If that happens, the communists will reclaim the House of Representatives.  I wish I had more confidence in the American electorate, but I don’t.  What is it?  Only 42% of registered voters even bother to vote?  If the statistic is true, we should worry about the upcoming election.  Maybe I will develop more confidence if conservative Americans are able to maintain its control of the Congress.

Will you vote in the mid-terms?


31 Responses to “The Goal of Socialism is……..?”

  1. dolphinwrite Says:

    The question to be asked is why some people would prefer socialism over freedom. This is the question to begin. Young children naturally want to be loved. Young children naturally want to please their parents. It’s not uniform across, but for the most part, this holds true, and parents also have to be disciplinarians, but with love.
    So, when you see a young person, even a young adult, believing she or he knows what’s best for this country in the realm of having all the answers and knowing better than others, you have to ask how he or she came to this concept. What was learned in life that made a younger person believe he or she has all the answers? The founding fathers never found it easy. However, they believed in freedom. They believed in our God given rights and responsibilities. And they knew that to keep our freedoms, we had to support freedoms but with responsibility, and I can only guess at the experiences and hours of discussions, seeing for themselves what happens when we lose our freedoms, how they came to the Constitution we have today.
    How can we spoil a child? Give them everything they want? Use only complements but never correct? Adore them as princes and princesses, doting on them, and celebrate everything? And when that child grows up, how will they view the world? And how will they view the world if everything they say is treated like gold?
    Or, what happens if we’re constantly beset by problems, real and unreal, to the point that we’re chasing our tails just trying to survive this thing called life? We’re worried about our health. We’re worried about having a home. We’re worried about retirement. We’re worried about the national debt. We worry, worry, worry, worry…. And we see nothing but problems ahead. Then, in this state of survival, there appears those who purport to have the answers, supported by so many. How many will buy into the hope of others coming to their rescue? And is it a rescue they truly want, and one they would want for their children and grandchildren? Or would they rather see their future family making their way through life, taking on challenges, and enjoying the ups and downs, more the ups? And will it come easy? Do most things worthwhile in life come easy?
    I remember once, training a group of kids for soccer. Some kids came just to play. Others were more serious. One boy, who fell during a game, was writhing in pain due to a collision with an opponent. I told him to get up. He said he was hurt. I said, I know. Now get up. (He wasn’t seriously hurt, just shin pain. He got up. He took the ball from the opponent. He scored.
    What happened? He found determination. He always had it, but I supported him in it. And he was happy for rising above a perceived view. He thought he was supposed to succumb to pain. Then he rose above it and went beyond. That’s happiness.
    So, what leads to socialism? Is it a natural leaning, or do you have to be conditioned, perhaps over many years? And if you really start examining the principles of life, you may understand what is happening in our own country. You’ll also realize most people want freedom, but they have to understand what real freedom is and what part they play, all of their lives.

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  2. jtdorsaneo Says:

    I might get hanged for saying this, but I believe most Democrats don’t see it coming. They haven’t done any research, they don’t understand where they (we) are headed if we conservatives can’t put a stop to it with our votes. I’m talking about the general population who don’t even know why they are a Democrat. They can’t talk about it, they can’t answer questions about it… they are just plain ignorant (generally speaking). Scares me silly.

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  3. Steve Dennis Says:

    Democrats used to hide their socialist leanings but now they are emboldened and are not hiding them any longer and that is scary because they believe it is now mainstream. And this means they are really communists and that is what they are hiding now.

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  4. geeez2014 Says:

    Will I VOTE? Does Dracula have an overbite!?

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  5. Hootin Anni Says:

    Perfect commentary!

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  8. Mustang Says:

    I was watching one of the news channels the other day. It was one of the typical arrangements where three talking heads (I’ll call them Hughie, Dewey, and Louie) were having a discussion with a newsreader about the Hispanic horde now approaching our border. Dewey had the audacity to mention that thoroughly dangerous people are concealing themselves within the mass of people in the column. Louie immediately attacked, demanding to know his facts. It was an effective Alinskyesque counter-attack, for how can we know for sure that this is true? If Dewey wasn’t physically present in the throng, then he couldn’t offer any positively factual information. Louie smirked —even though we know (from hard facts) from our past experience that hiding in plain sight is one thing terrorists do very well. Apparently, Louie believes that what has happened in the past has no bearing on the present.

    Here’s what else we know from the past:
    • Mexican drug cartels have sheltered Middle Eastern terrorists. It is next to impossible to distinguish between an Arab and a Mexican if they were standing side-by-side — and there is a reason for this.
    • Some of Mexico’s drug operations have adopted terrorist tactics —because they work, and because anything they can do to stick it to del Norte Americanos, they will do.
    • Placing women (better if pregnant women) in the front of a confrontation (i.e., hiding behind women and unborn children) is an effective strategy against a well-organized/armed law enforcement operation.
    • Mexico has NEVER been a good neighbor to the United States.

    Yesterday I followed a link in a tweet to a post. I wish I had kept it. The fellow writing is a student in Honduras. He offers first-hand testimony that the entire movement has been bought and paid for by the Honduran left. He said that it is no secret in Honduras that the leftists there have coordinated with leftists here in America, and that the costs of this maneuver would be prohibitive were it not for money rolling in to Honduras (and Mexico) from the American left.

    I think the next shoe to drop will be the left claiming that Trump funded this Hispanic Horde in order that he can get his wall, and easily 49% of the American people who hate Trump will swallow this “truth” hook, line, and sinker. Peter’s right … there could be no more dumb, moronic people on the planet than in the United States. We must rank up there with the goat-herders of sandbox land.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      We shall see when they hit our border…..Let us hope it is after the election. My guess the day before and all hell will descend. Trump will not let them in. Whatever it takes, and they will get exactly what they want.

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      • geeez2014 Says:

        Trump needs to get this information about Honduras and make SURE, with proof, and then expose it. He usually exposes things like this without verifiable, obvious proof so the media calls him a liar (Shepard Smith on the top of the “Trump is a liar” list)….OH, do I WISH that, SOMEBODY, proof will be given for a LOT of things we sense are true……I got information yesterday of leftwing groups in America behind all of this, backed by Soros. Remember how every time the once-Conservative Koch Bros. would even be suspected of helping Republicans, the media went WILD!? We never see that about Soros, do we 🙂
        Anybody really believe that just before the midterms 7000 people would be bused enough so they’d not get too tired (who paid for the buses!?) and then let them out close enough that our cameras could catch them coming in? I believe this is a setup…let ONE PERSON get killed by our military at the border, especially one of the VERY few women or kids,
        and it could turn the midterm….and how can it not happen? And what if it isn’t the military but a leftwinger posing…?

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      • bunkerville Says:

        Thats the plan…. mother and baby die at border…… you can print the headline now.


  9. Always On Watch Says:

    Thank you for the hat tip to Always On Watch.

    Will I vote? Already done! Mr. AOW has also cast his ballot.

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  10. petermc3 Says:

    My son, a highly intelligent well educated, independent thinking conservative and I were discussing the state of affairs both at home and overseas while driving home from Newark airport yesterday morning. We agree on most issues except the following: I maintain that owing to the confusion surrounding this WH despite Trump’s accomplishments thus far (which we agree upon) that Hillary Clinton if she runs in 2020 could very well win while my son feels that is an impossibility. if history has taught us anything it is that the majority of Americas voters are morons. Should the coming Central American convoy now estimated at 14-20,000 augmented by drug traffickers and radical muslims hiding behind the “migrants” skirts, succeed in penetrating our southern border Trump is finished simply because a great percentage of those on the right, feeling betrayed, may very well stay home on election day. The American billionaires funding this caravan should feel self satisfied knowing their money is being well spent. And paraphrasing the Wendy’s ad from the 1980’s, “Where’s The Wall?” Our military on the border cannot and will not shoot as, figuratively, the lawbreakers will insert daisies in the soldiers gun barrels a’la the 60’s hippies. If I had no grandchildren I could rest easy and sleep well at night.

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