Welcome to the Coup d’état underway – Brennan and Democrats urge anarchy


Intervention of the Sabine Women

The Coup d’état is underway. Make no mistake. The Dems are creating anarchy and the rate we are going may be successful. The Kavanaugh debacle with the Democrats not even willing to give Grassley a copy of the unredacted letter written by Ford with her claims.

More scurrilous are the efforts by the Democrats to keep and support Rosenstein’s henchmen in refusing an order from Trump to totally declassify numerous documents bearing on the absurd Russia Russia Russia investigation.

Wish America luck, a few more months and it looks like we will know the answer. The GOP caving on Kavanaugh, add information withheld from the White House will do it. The topper will be losing the November election to the Dems and there will be no turning back.

Here are two excerpts that deserve the complete read.

UPDATE: Video of Brennan has been added below! How Arrogant! Not the Andrea Mitchell interview.

The combination of arrogance, hubris and desperation within a letter (pdf here) from the four Democrats on the intelligence oversight Gang of Eight, is palpable even in text format.

Legislative branch members: Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff and Mark Warner write a letter today to Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and FBI Director Christopher Wray, demanding the executive branch cabinet members withhold information from the White House.

Perhaps more stunningly, and extra-constitutionally (meaning outside the framework of constitutional separation of power), within the jaw-dropping letter the four Democrats outline previous verbal conversations and current agreements with Coats, Rosenstein and Wray where the Cabinet officers agreed to keep information away from the White House Chief Executive, the President.

That third paragraph is particularly interesting: …”the verbal assurance you provided us that DOJ and FBI would not provide the White House“…

More at Conservative Tree House


Now from the Communist Brennan:

Former CIA director and MSNBC contributor John Brennan called on FBI director Christopher Wray, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to “push back” on any directive from the White House that may have a “negative impact” on the Mueller investigation.


Brennan called on “individuals of conscience” in the administration to remember that they took an oath of office not an oath to Donald Trump. Moments prior Brennan admonished people who are abusing their powers to “protect” Trump.

“I think that they should continue to push, push, push, and if Mr. Tump and the White House does not relent, then they have some decisions to make, and whether or not they are going to the just not follow that direction and be fired or to resign,” Brennan said of the trio.

“A number of individuals are trying to protect Mr. Trump and abusing their authorities and their powers, whether it be in Congress or within the executive branch,” Brennan said on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports. “And this is something that I am hoping that individuals of conscience are going to stop and prevent because I am concerned that this is just one indication that Mr. Trump is going to increasingly look for steps to take in order to further to try to subvert the Mueller investigation.” Video and more over at  Real Clear Politics


21 Responses to “Welcome to the Coup d’état underway – Brennan and Democrats urge anarchy”

  1. JCscuba Says:

    Thanks, ny wordpress blog has a locked domain on it, If you go there it will seem normal, when I open it. It tells me I’m parked. with no explanation, great post

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  2. Laura Bernard Mielcarek Says:

    Calls him ‘Mr.’ Trump. What an absolute piece of trash!!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. dave drake Says:

    …” demanding the executive branch cabinet members withhold information from the White House.” WhoTF do these people think they are? McCain would have added his name to the letter if he were alive.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. the unit Says:

    There’s so much history I’ve never read about. Your picture today led me to take a look at some of it.
    Brennan’s fate should be to hurled off the Tarpeian Rock. 🙂


  5. Mustang Says:

    The Congress of the United States now, and for a very long time has, disregarded the United States Constitution because it gets in the way of their own peculiar political agenda. As I said, this is not a new phenomenon. During the Civil War, Congress carved out of Virginia a new state (West Virginia) … the only purpose of which was to push through the so-called Civil War Amendments. Then, one may recall that the Seventeenth Amendment (proposed by two Republican senators) finagled the popular election of US Senators, thereby denuding states from participating in or having a say about federal law and policy. The Nineteenth, Twenty-third, and Twenty-sixth Amendments were designed to increase the number of people likely to vote for Democrats. At this point, Congress and non-elected deep-state operatives ignore the Constitution with impunity. That’s not all … and I wonder how senatorial oversight of that body (and the so-called House Ethics Committee) is not exactly like putting foxes in charge of the henhouse. Given these facts, how can we expect any meaningful changes to how business is done inside the swamp? If I didn’t hate snow, I might move to the mountains.

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