Bernie Sanders son defeated in primary, another child loses an election


One more of the offspring of the Sanders clan loses a political office bid. Buried and little discussed is the corruption that resides in this family. The FBI last I heard was investigating his wife over a phony land deal and bank fraud. This time the son loses. Earlier the daughter ran for Mayor and was rebuffed. Glad to hear that there is at least some sense left in Vermont. Let’s take a look.


Levi Sanders, the son of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was handily defeated on Tuesday night in his bid for New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District, a perennial swing district that was vacated by retiring Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH).

Chris Pappas, an openly gay member of the New Hampshire Executive Council, won the primary after also beating back Maura Sullivan, an Iraq War veteran and former Obama administration official who raised more money than him and had been criticized for moving to the state last year. When the race was called, Sanders was in seventh place out of eleven candidates.

The 1st District was won twice by former President Obama, by a slight margin in 2012, and then narrowly won by President Trump in 2016. In the last six elections, the House seat has changed party hands five times.  Daily Beast


Bernie Sanders Corrupt daughter ‘considers’ running for office!

Bernie Sanders’ Stepdaughter Considers Running For Mayor Of Burlington, Vermont

UPDATE: She ran, she lost.

Reads the headline… No where does the NY Post mention that she was funneled $500,000 as part of the Burlington college ripoff perpetrated by her mother. Another corrupt spawn of a Democrat who defies the laws of gravity with their hubris. Her mother and she should be in jail. Like mother like daughter…….. here is what she says first and then  B-ville plays it again post:

“In my mind it’s time to consider a new direction for Burlington and a new vision and I am exploring whether it’s the right time for that, if there are others who feel the same way and also if it’s the right time for me,” Driscoll said.

Driscoll volunteered for Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign. She also founded the Vermont Woodworking School in Fairfax and is a mother of two, both factors she is considering as she weighs a run.“Mostly in that I am deeply committed to issues of social and economic and racial justice, and that for me, sitting on the sidelines when it feels there’s work to be done, is very challenging,” she said. “And that’s my primary motivation. … I really very much want to jump back into local politics

Keep reading…

Bernie and Jane Sanders College corruption? Funneled daughter $500,000

How did Jane Sanders funnel more than 500k to her daughter’s for-profit woodworking business during her tenure as President of Burlington College and get away with it?

What hasn’t been discussed in all the noise about Burlington College’s closure is how Jane Sanders (supported by the same Board of Trustees who approved the land sale) openly funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars from Burlington College’s operating funds to VT Woodworking School — a for-profit business started by her daughter Carina Driscoll in 2007.


Despite scattered reporting on this story, Jane Sanders has never been asked to explain why Burlington College suddenly needed to start a woodworking program in 2009 – the very same year the VT Woodworking School expanded to its current site in Fairfax, VT taking on considerable expense of a new building and needing to find students to fill its cavernous 15,000 square-foot space. Nor has anyone asked if the College did what would normally be required in this process by creating a Request For Proposal (RFP) to solicit bids in order to guarantee that the process was fair and open to other entities competing for this business.

This appears not to be the case given that the College was also funding another program at the same time (as reported in the College’s tax returns) that directly benefited the children of Jonathan Leopold, a board member.

According to the College’s now defunct website, Carina Driscoll was listed as Director of the Woodworking Program at Burlington College on the Faculty and Staff Directory in 2016. It is unclear how the College was able to hire her on staff while she remained the owner of VT Woodworking — directly benefitting from the College’s funding of her for-profit business.  Read more

A key witness in the possible bank fraud case against Sen. Bernie Sanders’ wife, Jane Sanders, was questioned by FBI agents just over a week ago, Fox News has learned.

The revelation—the first such confirmed development since January—likely indicates that the federal investigation into a soured $10-million real estate deal remains open.

Jane Sanders, the former president of the now-defunct Burlington College, was at the helm when the college decided to expand and obtain a tract of land from a Roman Catholic parish. She secured a $6.7 million loan from a bank and a $3.6 million loan from the parish from which she planned to purchase the property.

She resigned in 2011 amid accusations that she inflated the amount of money donors have pledged to the school and provided incorrect information to a bank to get the loan. Multiple individuals, who were listed as college donors, have since come forward denying the commitments.More at Fox News


21 Responses to “Bernie Sanders son defeated in primary, another child loses an election”

  1. Bernie and Jane Sanders College corruption: Funneled daughter $500,000 | Jim Campbell's Says:

    […] Bernie Sanders son defeated in primary, another child loses an election […]


  2. JCscuba Says:

    Since there is any chance of bringing the Clinton’s to Justice, the Sanders make a viable target. Some on must pay for their malfeasance or we will revert to anarchy.

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  3. Kid Says:

    Levi lost. Well dat’s sumptin. miscalculated the number of retards in the district is my guess.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. geeez2014 Says:

    Hurrah for his loss (nasty of me, but it’s marvelous news)…as for the college scandal? Nobody will know but Conservatives and they’ll do NOTHING with the news. As usual

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hootin' anni Says:

    I read about Levi this morning!

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  6. Mustang Says:

    It must be quite painful for Levi in the realization that people prefer a raging homosexual to a devoted communist. Silly me, i always thought they were one in the same.

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  7. Steve Dennis Says:

    The 1st District in New Hampshire is my district and the thought of a Sanders “representing” me was frightful. So glad he lost, now we have to try to get this seat back into Republican hands!

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  8. petermc3 Says:

    What all this poop adds up to is nothing. Why should the Sanders Crime Family Syndicate be ostracized and criticized for engaging in what good democrat families engage in namely theft and fraud as well as posing as do gooders while pissing on those they purport to dedicating their lives and others money to uplift. As for the son losing an election he could have won easily had he allowed himself to be caught performing fellatio on a transsexual in a truck stop mens room-make that ladies room- thereby outshining a garden variety openly gay man. Kids, they never learn do they?

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