Chinese Govt. Killed and Imprisoned 18-20 CIA Spies After Penetrating Hillary Clinton’s Private Server


Meanwhile, back in real time, we learn more of Hillary’s episode of using a home grown server that may have cost many CIA operatives in China. While it still is Russia Russia Russia, we would do better casting our eyes a bit further to the East and deal with Hillary and China.

You would think we would be looking at the infamous driver for Feinstein who too was a spy. How will we get others to help us as informers and spies if we care so little about taking care of our secrets?


Hillary’s carelessness and criminal actions may have led to the deaths of 20 CIA operatives in China.

The Chinese government killed or imprisoned 18 to 20 CIA operatives in China from 2010 to 2012.


At the same time a Chinese-owned company operating in the Washington, D.C., area hacked Hillary Clinton’s private server throughout her term as secretary of state.

The Chinese government was obtaining Hillary Clinton’s emails in real time.

Romanian hacker “Guccifer” told FOX News reporter Catherine Herridge, in an exclusive interview in 2016, that he hacked Hillary Clinton’s server and that it was easy. 

The Daily Caller reported that a Chinese company in Washington DC penetrated Hillary Clinton’s private server and obtained her emails in real time.

The FBI and Peter Strzok were reportedly notified about the breach and did nothing.

The Daily Caller reported.

And the FBI refused to act.

The Chinese government murdered or imprisoned 18-20 CIA sources from 2010 to 2012 while Feinstein had a Chinese spy as her office manager.

Business Insider reported.

China killed or imprisoned 18 to 20 CIA sources from 2010 to 2012, hobbling U.S. spying operations in a massive intelligence breach whose origin has not been identified, the New York Times reported on Saturday.

Investigators remain divided over whether there was a spy within the Central Intelligence Agency who betrayed the sources or whether the Chinese hacked the CIA’s covert communications system, the newspaper reported, citing current and former U.S. officials.

The Chinese killed at least a dozen people providing information to the CIA from 2010 through 2012, dismantling a network that was years in the making, the newspaper reported.

One was shot and killed in front of a government building in China, three officials told the Times, saying that was designed as a message to others about working with Washington. More at  Gateway Pundit

But then again, recall this?


24 Responses to “Chinese Govt. Killed and Imprisoned 18-20 CIA Spies After Penetrating Hillary Clinton’s Private Server”

  1. Kid Says:

    It has since occurred to me that clinton probably sold the Chinese the access to the server.

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  2. Kid Says:

    PS, Put investigators and prosecutors on the clintons and get word to the clintons that if any of these people die, a special hit team will hunt the entire clinton clan down and take them out via suicide.

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  3. Kid Says:

    HOLY ……………. ! Fire Sessions AND Wray ! For starters.

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  4. Steve Dennis Says:

    It just gets more and more sickening and how is Strzok always in the middle of all of this?!

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  5. Mustang Says:

    I find it amazing how much Hillary has in common with every one of the most nefarious communist regimes in history. It is difficult for me to determine which of these are more lethal to a free society.

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    • petermac3 Says:

      In the animal world the female is usually the ferocious one if the mating couple. If not for Hillary Bubba would be managing a Stuckeys franchises on the Saltin Sea.
      Speaking of which, should Cynthia Nixon pull off the impossible and defeat Andrew Evil Eye Cuomo for the democrat gubernatorial nomination she will take no prisoners if elected. An angry lesbo in office will take no prisoners. And yes an overwhelming majority of New Yorker voters are that are that dopey….

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    • bunkerville Says:

      What is the body count now?


  6. Always On Watch Says:

    And the FBI refused to act.

    Of course!

    The Clinton Machine has such power. How do we break the back of that machine?

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  7. petermc3 Says:

    From the confines of her $15,000 wheel chair, the same kind the Obama’s VA couldn’t furnish to our wounded servicemen while Mooch circumnavigated the globe with plane loads of her closest friends at the cost of hundreds of millions of dollars to the US taxpayer, Pant Suit Lady reflecting on the 43 White Water deaths, Vince Foster and Ron Brown was overheard commenting, 20 dead spies from the cIA, one of the many alphabet agencies that allowed me to get away with high crimes and treason, “Who gives a shit now?”

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  8. JCscuba Says:

    How about one word? Damn!

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