Lanny Davis admits lying about about CNN blockbuster Trump Tower story


Just two precious to let this story go by without comment. Lanny Davis caught telling a little fib. Actually a big fib. Oh how the media was howling with delight. But few if any are following the “rest of the story.” Note in the clip how crestfallen Anderson Cooper appears! Recall this was the start of the GO FUND ME pass the collection plate for Cohen. What a coincidence.


  • Lanny Davis, the attorney for Michael Cohen, has dropped another bombshell, this time on CNN.
  • Davis told BuzzFeed that he was one of the anonymous sources for CNN’s July 27 report alleging that Cohen had information that Trump approved of the infamous Trump Tower meeting in June 2016. 
  • Davis admits that he lied last week when he denied being a source. CNN is standing by its report. 

Lanny Davis has acknowledged that he was an anonymous source for CNN for a now-debunked story published in July claiming that former Trump attorney Michael Cohen is willing to tell the special counsel’s office that President Donald Trump had foreknowledge of the infamous Trump Tower meeting.

Davis, a Clinton-connected public relations guru who is representing Cohen, admitted to BuzzFeed News on Monday that he was a source for CNN’s story, which appeared on July 27.

The report cited “sources with knowledge” of Cohen’s comments who claimed that he was in a meeting with Donald Trump Jr. when he told his father about a meeting set up with a group of Russians offering dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Davis undercut the story in an interview on Wednesday with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Davis said that the original CNN report got “mixed up,” and that Cohen does not know whether Trump had advance knowledge of the Trump Tower meeting.

“So Michael Cohen does not have information that President Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians beforehand or even after?” Cooper asked Davis.

“No, he does not,” replied Davis.

Davis also asserted that “we were not the source of the story.”

But Davis now says that he “made a mistake.” And regarding his denial to Cooper about being a CNN source, he said that “I did not mean to be cute.”

While Davis has apologized for his role in spreading the story, CNN is standing by its report, which was authored by former Obama administration official Jim Sciutto, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Carl Bernstein and Marshall Cohen.

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Here is a clip just put out by the Washington Post. Note not once to they include the final nail in the coffin. That being that it was Davis himself that put the whole ball rolling and was the so-called “anonymous” source.




11 Responses to “Lanny Davis admits lying about about CNN blockbuster Trump Tower story”

  1. Kid Says:

    Mustang, Tell any Beatles you see there I said Hi.

    Ok, some of this is plagiarized, but – Don’t you folks worry about nuttin ! Here be what gonna happens.

    – Sessions is out soon after the Senate is restocked. (he should resign poste haste he won’t)
    – Janine Pirro is made AG and the left wets itself in unison.
    – If by some chance the dems can muster enough voter fraud to take the house back and Impeach Trump, not to worry as here is what will happen:
    . Trump will be out and Pence will be in. Pence will pardon Trump and make him Vice President. Pence will then resign making Trump President again and Trump will make Pence his new VP. Salright.

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  2. Mustang Says:

    One can smell the stench from the D.C. swamp all the way to Liverpool, England.

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  3. Steve Dennis Says:

    That’s the way it always goes isn’t it? Great fanfare to the original story and then when it fades and a correction is issued nobody pays attention and for all intents and purposes the original story is what people remember. This reminds me the whole Rather Bush National Guard story: The report was fake but accurate, that is the same approach CNN is taking with this.

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  4. hocuspocus13 Says:

    Here’s one for the books…


    Just hit the air waves last night

    He worked for the DOD

    On Trump set up

    Got fired
    Has Lawyer

    …much more to come!

    Could blow the lid off

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