Supreme candidate Kavanaugh, from the deep state, led murdered Vince Foster coverup



The candidate for the Supreme Court Kavanaugh, a leading candidate, hails from the worst part of the swamp. We will look at his participation in the coverup of the murder of Vincent Foster as he “led the investigation into the death of the deputy WH counsel Vincent W Foster Jr.” and what most don’t know about the investigation. His CV only worsens the concern.

At the 2004 confirmation hearing for Kavanaugh, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) stated: “Mr. Kavanaugh served in the Office of Independent Counsel under Judge Starr, where he conducted the office’s investigation into the death of former Deputy White House Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr.”  A 1998 New York Times article also states that Kavanaugh “led the investigation into the death of the deputy White House counsel Vincent W. Foster Jr.”

Brett Kavanaugh Associate Independent Counsel discussed the problem with the brown car with Reed Irvine of Accuracy in Media.

And now we will pick apart piece by piece Kavanaugh and his investigation into Vince Foster’s death. Why I think he is from the deepest of the swamp. Why he should have never ever been considered for the Supreme court. Why he will be nominated by one Donald Trump.

This is the only time in history that

an Independent Counsel was ordered to include

evidence of a cover-up by his own investigators in his own Report


We will get to candidate Supreme Kavanaugh in a minute and his car thing but first-

To get us started and to set things up, let’s take a look at this:





First as a point of reference.The American news media falsely reported that Starr’s report was 114-pages long, concealing the existence of the appendix, which made it 137 pages long. 

The appendix includes copies of twenty-five federal investigative records, proving six areas of cover-up:

(1)     There was a bullet hole in Mr. Foster’s neck

(2)     Photographs of that bullet hole vanished

(3)     X-Rays of that bullet hole vanished

(4)     The gun was did not belong to Mr. Foster

(5)     Mr. Foster’s car was not in the park

(6)     Patrick Knowlton suffered grand jury witness intimidation

The Special Division denied Starr’s motion to reconsider

Two years later, in December of 1999, there was filed another motion in the Special Division, asking that Starr substitute, and replace, the 20 pages earlier attached, for our 500-page Report on the matter.  That Report was later published as Failure of the Public Trust, after having been submitted in various federal District Courts, and the Supreme Court


“Note that on the very bottom, above Dr. Beyer’s signature, are the boxes which are checked indicating that both photographs AND X-Rays were taken.” Where are they? Oh right, something was wrong with the x-ray machine.. and the photos? Hmm. Just didn’t come out.

Documents were discovered in the National Archives that were written by lead investigator Rodriguez, including a 31-page memorandum to his fellow prosecutors in the OIC dated December 9-29, 1994 on the subject of “November 29, 1994 Meeting Concerning Foster Death Matter And Supplemental Investigation Prior to Grand Jury.”  The memorandum explains why the evidence does not support a conclusion of suicide in the park and states in its first paragraph that Kavanaugh was at the meeting.  At pages 18-20 of the memorandum, Rodriguez states that he has seen two photographs of Foster’s neck that show a wound on the neck.  The government’s official conclusion was that there was no wound on the neck.

The press publicized the search of Fort Marcy Park for the fatal bullet to give the public the impression Starr was doing a thorough investigation.  The bullet was never found because it remained in Foster’s head.  Rodriguez discovered that the FBI, with the assistance of Doctor James Beyer, had destroyed the evidence that showed the bullet remained in Foster’s brain.  People asked Rodriguez if exhuming Foster’s body for an X-ray could reveal the bullet trajectory.


The conclusion that Vincent Foster committed suicide depends on yet another provable lie – that Foster drove his children’s gray Honda to Fort Marcy Park.

Supreme court candidate Brett Kavanaugh previously of the Independent Counsel discussed the problem with the brown car with Reed Irvine of Accuracy in Media.

Associate Independent Counsel Brett Kavanaugh admitted that “all the police and medical personnel that were in the park also described [the car] as brown.”  Vincent Foster’s car was NOT BROWN.

Foster did not drive to the crime scene at Fort Marcy Park, contrary to press reports.On October 10, 1997, when the 137-page official report, vol 1vol 2, was released to the public, the American press concealed the evidence of the cover-up, and only reported on the existence of the first 114 pages of the report.


Kavanaugh’s statement that people clearly saw Foster’s car is not true.  Descriptions of a brown car are not descriptions of Foster’s gray car.  How does Kavanaugh resolve the problem?

Brett Kavanaugh

So, people were screwed up on the colors, period.


Brett Kavanaugh called eyewitnesses “screwed up” because what they saw did not agree with the desired result.

But Kavanaugh slipped up.  He admitted that all of the police and medical personnel saw a brown car.

Brett Kavanaugh

Well it all comes down to that brown car issue, right?   Ah, all the police and medical personnel that were in the park also described it as brown.


The conclusion that Vincent Foster committed suicide depends on yet another provable lie – that Foster drove his children’s gray Honda to Fort Marcy Park.

Reed Irvine asks Associate Independent Counsel Brett Kavanaugh what evidence he has that Vince Foster’s car was at Fort Marcy Park when Foster was already dead.


“You don’t tape these calls do you Reed?” (The individual named Knowlton in the clip below was an eye witness to the Rust Brown Honda and has stuck to his story.)




I leave you with this:

Former associate Independent Counsel Miguel Rodriguez tells about the Vince Foster murder cover-up. More on the coverup on Thursday.

Frustrated in his efforts to uncover the truth, Associate Independent Counsel Miguel Rodriguez submitted his resignation letter to the Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr.

In a 30-page memorandum Rodriguez stated that he did not think Foster committed suicide at Fort Marcy Park and that park police staged the “suicide” placing a gun in Foster’s hand and re-photographing the crime scene.  Each page of the memo is initialed by Rodriguez and his assistant Lucia Rambusch.

The resignation letter from Starr’s associate Independent Counsel Miguel Rodriguez expressed frustration at not being allowed to pursue the evidence and that FBI reports of witnesses were falsified.  For more about the resignation letter by Miguel Rodriguez.

More on Thursday on the coverup. Sources FBI Coverup

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