Susan Rice gave “Stand Down” order in response to Russian Meddling

Obama and henchmen


The take away from this little number, and I for one will answer it. Why did Rice want our own Cyber security team not to continue to stop Russian meddling?

“I was incredulous and in disbelief,” Daniel Prieto, who worked under Daniel, is quoted saying in “Russian Roulette.”

“Why the hell are we standing down? Michael, can you help us understand?” Prieto asked.

Simply Susan Rice and her gaggle of co-conspirators needed Russian involvement. After all, Rice was doing endless “unmasking” of names, so she was deep into the Russian/Trump plot to deny this Presidency. Who knows, maybe the ones doing the cyber attacks were none other than our own CIA with some of their paid Russian henchmen involved. Most importantly, why all the secrecy. Why would we not have the right to know? There was even consideration for them to call voting a “critical infrastructure” thus giving Obama the right to control the States voting processes. I’ll even throw in some tin foil at the end!

Yes, we don’t need a special prosecutor, there is “no bias” and better yet, the deep State shall go on unimpeded:

Former President Barack Obama’s cybersecurity czar confirmed Wednesday that former national security adviser Susan Rice told him to “stand down” in response to Russian cyber attacks during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Michael Daniel, whose official title was “cybersecurity coordinator,” confirmed the stand-down order during a Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing held to review the Obama and President Donald Trump’s administrations’ policy response to Russian election interference.

Rice’s order to Daniel was first reported in “Russian Roulette,” a book published in March that details Russia’s meddling in the election.

In the book, authors Michael Isikoff and David Corn reported that Daniel was developing strategies to respond to Russian cyber attacks on U.S. companies and political campaigns. He proposed using what’s known as denial of service attacks to take down Russian propaganda news sites and to attack Russian intelligence agencies.

Another idea was to announce a bogus “cyber exercise” against a Eurasian country. The goal was to put the Kremlin on notice that its infrastructure could easily be targeted by the U.S.

Read more at the Daily Caller

(The full post below is well worth the read) –

The Russian Spying story first came out in March of 2018 in the Huffington Post. Knowing what we know now, did Rice and others use this as cover to try and justify getting involved in State elections? Why all the secrecy?? Deep into the post entitled with this knee slapper:

‘Stand Down, how the Obama team blew the response to the Russian Meddling’

For the meetings related to the Russian hack, Susan Rice, Obama’s national security adviser, ordered the video feed turned off. She did not want others in the national security establishment to know what was under way, fearing leaks from within the bureaucracy.

White House officials who were absent from the meetings were not told what was being discussed. This even included other NSC staffers — some of whom bristled at being shut out. Often the intelligence material covered in these meetings was not placed in the President’s Daily Brief, the top-secret document presented to the president every morning. Too many people had access to the PDB. “The opsec on this” — the operational security — “was as tight as it could be,” one White House official later said.

Full story Huffington Post

8 Responses to “Susan Rice gave “Stand Down” order in response to Russian Meddling”

  1. Skip Patel Says:

    According to the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution the Obama-Clinton fairy tale of “Russian Meddling” in recent elections is absolute rubbish. Why any patriotic American who is not an active member of the O’Bama-Clinton cabal, would continue to spread (not to mention wildly embellish) the Kenyan President’s narrative is a mystery. Where’s the beef? Oh! It’s a “secret”?? (claims Mueller, CBS-CNN-NBC and Obama’s “Republican Guard…McCain, Graham etc.)

    Anyone who has paid attention to the Congressional hearings regarding Russia, Hillary’s emails and the FBI-CIA plots to overthrow the Trump presidency can plainly see that the only “meddling” with the U.S. elections was carried out by the DNC, Obama-Clinton campaigns, the FBI, NSA and CIA.

    Carrying water for those who would destroy the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights may get you a seat at the DNC picnic table, but it certainly won’t save the Republic.


  2. Steve Dennis Says:

    I think they knew exactly what was going on because they were the ones meddling with Russia and that is why they needed it shut down. The more we learn the dirtier it gets and there is still so much we don’t know.

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  3. Mustang Says:

    The Obama administration was famous for issuing “stand down” orders. They ordered General Hamm to stand down during the Benghazi fiasco, so this doesn’t surprise me in the least. The pity is that none of these administration officials can be held judicially liable for their anti-American behaviors. They were elected and reelected, appointed/re-appointed (I’m still scratching my head over this) —and, while they might be held politically accountable, it’s all history now and none of them really give a damn what any of us think. Their arrogance is insufferable.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Perhaps that is the nastiness of the whole thing. There they sit…..probably laughing that they all got away with it one more time….. Hillary in particular with her last EMail I read… My EMail?
      So they go on… will Trump make it through his term? I doubt it very much.

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  4. Hootin' anni Says:

    I just may have to get this book.

    It should be illegal to shut things down … show us your true colors people!!

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