Sunday Respite – The Crystal Garden


Spring has finally arrived in my neck of the woods. For some beautiful photography and relaxing music, I chose Michel Pépé – Le Jardin de Cristal for my Sunday Respite. Have a wonderful day. You may prefer to enjoy watching the video in full screen.


7 Responses to “Sunday Respite – The Crystal Garden”

  1. BallesWorld Says:

    Beautiful music, perfect for meditation !!!

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  2. Always On Watch Says:

    How beautiful!

    Thank you for this, Bunkerville.


  3. Hootin' anni Says:

    ps…I know you like the ‘quiet time’s on Sunday’, but I just read your 25th anniversary of the Waco Standoff, and can’t help myself. 2 things…today I can picture H. Clinton saying “What difference does it make”? And 2ndly…Foster’s so called suicide? Ya, right…the woman is evil!

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