Attkisson: ‘Fake News’ Campaign Was a Pre-Planned Political Operation By Google’s Schmidt and Democrats


Was the effort to focus America’s attention on the idea of “fake news”—itself a propaganda effort? Connect the dots and learn who’s behind it and why. It’s not what you think.

Sharyl Attkinson is the last of the old-time reporters who does real investigative work. When I saw the name Google it was all I needed to know. Recall Google was up to their eyeballs in running the so-called “Arab Spring.” I had done numerous posts at the time and will include a few links at the bottom of the post. The full story over at  Gateway Pundit is worth the ride over for the full read. First this refresher:

Hillary Clinton hires Google executive as head of technology

ERIC SCHMIDT, FORMER GOOGLE CEO: “My view of Mr. Soros is that he is one of the most important people in the world today in terms of the impact he has had.”

The world’s governments are getting sick of google and its shenanigans. We should be as well.

First they are working really, really closely with the government. They have a close relationship with the NSA. They work closely with law enforcement. Last year they signed a $27 million deal with the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.

WSJ 2/7/11:  Google Executive emerges as a key figure in the Egyptian Revolt:Read Here

Back to the story:

Google, Facebook and Twitter are currently working overtime to silence conservative voices online. Day after day we learn of another conservative voice that has been silenced or shadow-banned by the tech giants.

Last week The Gateway Pundit hosted several conservative voices in a panel discussion on Social Media Neutrality at The Newseum in Washington DC. Over 132,000 people tuned in to the panel discussion. This is a serious problem facing our country and freedom of speech.

This week Sharyl Attkisson explained the origins of the liberal media-Democrat Party’s “fake news” narrative in a TedX Talk.

Attkisson revealed how this was all a plot by the Democrat-media Complex to smear conservative news and eventually to put them out of business.

Google Issues Ultimatum to Conservative Website: Remove ‘Hateful’ Article or Lose Ad Revenue
“He insisted in a speech that he too thought somebody needed to step in and curate information of this wild, wild West media environment,” she said, pointing out that “nobody in the public had been clamoring for any such thing.”

Yet suddenly the subject of fake news was dominating headlines all over America as if the media had received “its marching orders,” she recounted. “Fake news, they insisted, was an imminent threat to American democracy.”

Attkisson, who has studied the manipulative moneyed interests behind the media industry, said that “few themes arise in our environment organically.” She noted that she always found it helpful to “follow the money.”

Full story at Gateway Pundit


Here are a few earlier posts that may be of interest.

Obama and a Search Engine get you am Egyptian Revolution:

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Google manipulating Clinton searches to boost candidat  

Google’s Schmidt considered for Cabinet post – Egypt’s best friend

23 Responses to “Attkisson: ‘Fake News’ Campaign Was a Pre-Planned Political Operation By Google’s Schmidt and Democrats”

  1. Mustang Says:

    Companies are much like ships at sea. They never get to where they are going unless properly navigated and steered there … so here we have Google (and other multi-million-dollar corporations) (some of which are global corporations) pursuing their agenda at the expense of (a) stock holders and (b) consumers. I believe that such people are globalists with a committed socialist agenda. For them, it is a win-win situation. If they can make the argument that their personal agenda doesn’t harm the corporation (or its stock holders), they have free reign. Think of George Soros, his wealth, and his dozens of surrogates; the Clinton Foundation, or other committed socialists who can afford to spend tens of millions of dollars in fulfillment of their dirty-rat communist agenda. Then, ask yourself, even among those who are incensed by the information provided by Ms. Attkisson, how many Americans who profess to love our democracy will boycott Google? Even after they conspired with the Obama government to spy on Americans, even after we’ve learned of this concerted effort to destroy the credibility of conservative news outlets or opinion sites (an assault on the First Amendment), and even after we’ve learned that Google played an active role in the effort to destroy Donald Trump’s candidacy, how many incensed Americans will refuse (ever again) to use Google tools and resources? Ms. Attkisson said, “follow the money.” So, why don’t we do that and then refuse to spend OUR money on products and services that finance the globalist-communist agenda? We the people can claim this power, but we the people do not claim this power, and I suspect, won’t. Maybe we deserve that we get …

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  2. JCscuba Says:

    You are really a go to source for top notch information, I appreciate your input. Taking back to my site and linking back to you. Thanks J.C.

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  3. Hootin' anni Says:

    Gotta stop short & “GOOGLE”!

    National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.

    Then, I’ll return to finish reading.

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  4. michael warner Says:

    The MSM continues to stay silent about the fact the UK interfered with our Election. It’s only ‘RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA!’ 24/7. But not the British spy Christopher Steele, the Real Foreign Influence In the Election, who had a YUUUUUGE hand in trying to influence our Election as well

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  5. geeez2014 Says:

    So glad you posted this; I just saw it on Facebook and I commented that Attkisson, to me, is the LAST truly honest media person…ever. Not looking for power, articulate, informed….she rocks. And she nailed it here. Every sentence

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  6. petermac3 Says:

    This was allowed on a college campus? But then she did not, maybe by prior arrangement, step on any liberal toes other than taking a powder puff shot at google. I give her a D -.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I doubt many even knew who she was… after all she was on CBS as I recall for a number of years. She tread lightly, but she is on target and what the heck, got to trot out some of my oldie moldie posts that no one then and doubtful now even care about.

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    • Mustang Says:

      If Attkisson wants to maintain her position as a non-partisan reporter, an investigative journalist with no irons in the fire, then she should have done exactly what she did do … she presented facts, supplied examples, and now expects her audience to formulate logical conclusions. I don’t even think she offered one opinion, which is what we used to expect from unbiased reporters.

      Aside: my son took his degree in journalism. You would not believe how college professors brain wash the next generation of journalists. Consequently, my son is not a journalist … but this revelation should make all of us nervous because it tells us that we can never again believe anything told to us by news outlets.

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      • petermac3 Says:

        Agreed. I had flame throwers on my Christmas list once again forgettingvthere is no Santa Claus. Maybe soft peddled incrementalism is the way to attack. It’s worked for the agents of anti-Americanism for decades now.

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  7. hocuspocus13 Says:

    I don’t understand and perhaps its right in front of my face and I’m just not seeing it

    But why do these companies such as

    Facebook etc

    Want so desperately to change America into a 3rd World Communist Country

    I look at it as they are nothing more then pawns used to get someone else’s agenda through

    And will eventually be tossed aside and all they have will be taken from them

    For others to control

    Just like the attempt is being made to take from us and what we have and what we believe in



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    • Bunkerville Says:

      I’m with you. They have kids too and grandkids. Don’t they realize they will be the first shipped to the gulags or worse when it goes down? They lived the American dream.

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    • Bunkerville Says:

      I’m with you. They have kids too and grandkids. Don’t they realize they will be the first shipped to the gulags or worse when it goes down? They lived the American dream.


      • bydesign001 Says:

        Good question but I suspect that the likes of the CEOs at Google and Facebook believe that since they’re playing a major role in spoon-feeding Communist indoctrination to our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, they do not allow their children to play games or watch videos of indoctrination that they push on everyone else.

        As parents, their children, etc. are banned from social media much like Hollywood does not allow their children to watch television.

        One more complaint is that IPs linking back to Mountainview, California aka land of Google and whoever else are constantly engaging in brute force attacks, crawling, throttling, etc. attempting to find a vulnerability to gain access to websites. Coincidence?


    • petermac3 Says:

      The homies in the hood burning down their own homes, cars and business seems to be an apt analogy of what the trillionaires are up to using their wealth and power to back the anarchists who will eventually turn on them and storm their gated mansions and ivory towers. Dr Zhivago….

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  8. Bunkerville | Attkisson: ‘Fake News’ Campaign Was a Pre-Planned Political Operation By Google’s Schmidt and Democrats | Brittius Says:

    […] via Attkisson: ‘Fake News’ Campaign Was a Pre-Planned Political Operation By Google’s Schm… […]

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