This is what the D.C Grand Jury which is handing out indictments looks like


Now we know what Flynn and Manafort are up against. Flynn never had a chance. Then Flynn no doubt would have had a D.C. court filled with the slime of the city judging him. The D.C. sewer will spew forth more no doubt:

A witness who testified before a federal grand jury that handed down indictments of top Trump associates says the president can’t get a fair shake and compared the jury room to a Bernie Sanders rally.

The witness claimed two of 20 jurors were wearing ‘peace T-shirts,’ and popped off on the jury pool to the New York Post’s Page Six.

‘The grand jury room looks like a Bernie Sanders rally,’ the witness said. ‘Maybe they found these jurors in central casting, or at a Black Lives Matter rally in Berkeley,’ said the witness.

‘There was only one white male in the room, and he was a prosecutor,’ said the source. 

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