Gregg Jarrett: ‘Dirty Cop Mueller’s House of Cards is Collapsing’

Unfortunately, there was precious little reporting of the Congressional hearing with the FBI Director Christopher Wray. It was worth the time. As painful as the Russia Russia Russia conspiracy thing is, in the end it is showing just how corrupt and evil the deep state is. I do believe before this is over, we will have benefitted from having to deal with this corruption. This is our last chance to rid ourselves of it, and if we fail, we are indeed doomed as a Republic. The GOP was on the case yesterday. No thanks to Mr. Sessions:

Yesterday was a rough day for the Deep State.

Congressional Republicans are starting to piece together the corruption at the highest levels of the FBI and DOJ leadership.

Reports about the Mueller investigations show signs of corruption and impropriety.

Tonight FOX News Attorney Gregg Jarrett told Sean Hannity that Mueller’s house of cards is coming down.

Sean Hannity: Is the house of cards going to blow down?

Gregg Jarrett: I think so. And it’s a shame. Because there are so many highly qualified experienced lawyers who don’t have a political ax to grind that Robert Mueller could have selected. He did not do it. It was deliberate. It was by design. Instead he stacked it with people with egregious political biases.

H/T:  Gateway Pundit

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