Soros Army registering thousands of felons to defeat Roy Moore in Alabama



The Left never rests. Still it is hard for me to believe that convicted felons will find that voting in the upcoming Alabama race is a priority in their life. Who knows though, what with months of absentee voting now possible in most states, the Left may round them up and hand them a ballot. Latest poll looks like Moore is still in the race, so we should have an interesting couple of weeks:

Birmingham, ALABAMA — An organization partnered with a George Soros-financed group and led by a radical leftist who is the half-brother of the infamous controversial Rev. Al Sharpton has been diligently working over the past few weeks to register convicted felons across Alabama.

The aim of the effort has been to get as many felons as possible on the roster before last Monday, the deadline to register in order to vote in Alabama’s Dec. 12 senate special election that pits Republican Roy Moore against Democratic challenger Doug Jones.  The man spearheading the campaign has stated outright that his effort is meant to ensure a Democratic victory in Alabama. reported that Pastor Kenneth Glasgow has been at the forefront of the statewide effort, which has successfully registered thousands of felons across Alabama in recent weeks. Glasgow has been aided in his efforts here by other Soros-financed groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

The Village Voice previously described Glasgow, Sharpton’s half-brother, as an “ex-con and recovering crackhead turned street preacher.”

More at Breibart

30 Responses to “Soros Army registering thousands of felons to defeat Roy Moore in Alabama”

  1. the unit Says:

    I was reminded by someone the several characters in the Bible didn’t start out so well as one’s of such great character, i.e. like Saul and King David.
    Meaning here relating to perhaps Moore. Not the felons, but who knows maybe some of them too will vote for Moore. 🙂

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  2. Always On Watch Says:

    All the more reason for Alabama to elect Roy Moore to the U.S. Senate!

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  3. Hootin' Anni Says:

    Hey….look at the state that this is all about. Alabama?!?? For that matter, just look at the shape our country is in.

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  4. Steve Dennis Says:

    I agree, it is hard to determine how many of these people will actually vote but this is troubling any way. These people will stop at nothing to get what they want and it will be interesting to see how this election goes.

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  5. Kid Says:

    Come On Alabama. Show us you are American. If proof of Moore comes out it can always be dealt with later. Hint: Allred not letting anyone examine the yearbook is proof positive this is BS.

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  6. hocuspocus13 Says:

    It’s just too bad and very much too sad that the Leftist put all their energies into

    Illegal Aliens

    When they might want to consider helping the honest hard working American People

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Apparently they seem to be planning a few years out when it won’t matter about hard working Americans… they will be the minority… then they come for the rich who are already paying the majority of the freight.

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  7. Angel Says:

    keep praying for our survival Bunker!! have a beautiful holiday season my friend! xoxox:)

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  8. thetinfoilhatsociety Says:

    Wait, why are they allowed to vote? I thought convicted felons were not allowed to vote in most states….?

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  9. Cheryl Says:

    “The left never rests.” No joke. The onslaught against all spectrums is amazing and disheartening….24/7 on all fronts. Are there enough voters able and willing to overpower the leftists? We’ll see. Meanwhile, Soros is the perpetrator of sedition…why is he not arrested?

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  10. Simply Linda Says:

    I just read that Breitbart…shaking my head.

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  11. Brittius Says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.

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