Want to find out who is in charge of Refugee Resettlement in your State?


Yesterday I made this comment:

Having spent the last month in a bucolic setting, rural farmland complete with Amish and Mennonite farmers, I recently found it necessary to drive 25 miles into the heartland of the new beast. I had read and done posts of how the “new” refugees” were being dumped in this otherwise tranquil setting. After all, I had camped there for years. Why should I not expect the same? I landed at Walmart…the speakers were booming Spanish, the meats were labeled in Spanish as well… the Burka’s….well… outside the horse drawn carriage awaited its occupants…the world is upside down now…heaven help us. Somali’s I am told have arrived

Ann Corcoran brings us this from over at Refugee Resettlement Watch:

This is a very cool resource which I had never seen.  Reader Tomasrose sent it after I wrotethis post on obtaining your R & P Abstracts.

I had been using this list to find refugee subcontractors and another list, this one, to find state refugee coordinators, but here the Office of Refugee Resettlement (in HHS) has provided us with an interactive map where you can find both.

However, it is from 2015 and is a bit out-of-date because there are now more Wilson-Fish states (see Wilson-Fish archive, here) and some local offices may have changed.  (This post will be added to my Frequently Asked Questions page, here.)

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