Bombshell: Report confirms U.S. coalition struck deal with ISIS, Permanent bases set up

Once again, Americans give blood and treasure and in return our government lies to us, the media fails to report that we are setting up shop in one more country. Syria. We make our bargain with the devil. In this case, giving away the Syrian oil fields. Selling out the Kurds in the process. The swamp is alive and well.

I will give you the concluding paragraph of the post:

So it appears that the US allowed ISIS terrorists to freely leave areas under coalition control, according to no less than the BBC, while at the same time attempting to make the case before the public that a permanent Pentagon presence is needed in case of ISIS’ return. But it’s a familiar pattern by now: yesterday’s proxies become today’s terrorists, which return to being proxies again, all as part of justifying permanent US military presence on another nation’s sovereign territory………

And astoundingly, even foreign fighters who had long vowed to carry out attacks in Europe and elsewhere were part of the deal brokered under the sponsorship of the US coalition in Syria. According to According to the BBC report

 America’s Syrian adventure went from public declarations of “we’re staying out” to “just some logistical aid to rebels” to “okay, some mere light arms to fight the evil dictator” to “well, a few anti-tank missiles wouldn’t hurt” to “we gotta bomb the new super-bad terror group that emerged!” to “ah but no boots on the ground!” to “alright kinetic strikes as a deterrent” to “but special forces aren’t really boots on the ground per se, right?” to yesterday’s Mattis declaration of an open-ended commitment. And on and on it goes.

At a moment of widespread acknowledgement that the short-lived Islamic State is no longer a reality, and as ISIS is about to be defeated by the Syrian Army in its last urban holdout of Abu Kamal City in eastern Syria, the US is signalling an open-ended military presence in Syria. On Monday Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon that the US is preparing for a long term military commitment in Syria to fight ISIS “as long as they want to fight.”

Mattis indicated that even should ISIS loose all of its territory there would still be a dangerous insurgency that could morph into an “ISIS 2.0” which he said the US would seek to prevent. “The enemy hasn’t declared that they’re done with the area yet, so we’ll keep fighting as long as they want to fight,” Mattis said. “We’re not just going to walk away right now before the Geneva process has traction.”


Meanwhile Turkey once again reiterated that the US has 13 bases in Syria, though the US-backed Syrian YPG has previously indicated seven US military bases in northern Syria. The Pentagon, however, would not confirm base locations or numbers – though only a year-and-a-half ago the American public was being assured that there would be “no boots on the ground” due to mission creep in Syria.

During the last year of the Obama administration, State Department spokesman John Kirby was called out multiple times by reporters for tell obvious and blatant lies concerning “boots on the ground” in Syria.

Remember this? “We are not going to be involved in a large scale combat mission on the ground in Syria. That is what the president [Obama] has long said.”
“It all depends what your definition of ‘boot’ is” John Kirby, State Department Spokesperson. U.S. Department of State – Daily Briefing: Apr.25.2016

According to yesterday’s bombshell BBC report:

 The BBC has uncovered details of a secret deal that let hundreds of Islamic State fighters and their families escape from Raqqa, under the gaze of the US and British-led coalition and Kurdish-led forces who control the city. A convoy included some of IS’s most notorious members and – despite reassurances – dozens of foreign fighters. Some of those have spread out across Syria, even making it as far as Turkey.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Omar fields falling into hands of SDF could well have been part of a Quid pro quo deal that allowed ISIS to leave Raqqa for allowing SDF to capture Omar oil field after ISIS attacks  positions. If you read 1 article today, make sure its one by BBC below 

Full story over at Zero Hedge

27 Responses to “Bombshell: Report confirms U.S. coalition struck deal with ISIS, Permanent bases set up”

  1. The Weekly Headlines – My Daily Musing Says:

    […] Bombshell: Report confirms U.S. coalition struck deal with ISIS, Permanent bases set up […]


  2. the unit Says:

    The Swamp is alive with the sound of music.

    Granny’s dog don’t bite, but Granny does. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Steve Dennis Says:

    Great find! I have not seen this anywhere else, this is the first I have heard of it. It is disgusting that we are doing this and it is disgusting that nobody is reporting this.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Brittius Says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.

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  5. petermac3 Says:

    So then how many ISIS fighters and their families should we expect to land on our shores under Shumers lottery program? Who knows, our gov’t hand in hand with our military may have already set up an expatriation program for these murderers in exchange for them leaving their camps peacefully. Surely the humbled welfare state once known as England has already imported a great number of these sainted warriors, where muslim females are free to wear cages on their heads on the streets of London.
    So with the US setting up shop in Syria it begs the question where does Russia fit into this equation since Syria is their client state; and Iran?
    Where does congress fit into all this?If the usual suspects were bought off, when and by whom? And here we are as a nation, our attention misdirected by claims of ass grabbing some 40 years ago. Kudos to the democrats for another job well done and shame on the spineless weasel republicans for once again lifting their skirts and laying back….

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    • bunkerville Says:

      You summed it up far better than I could. I am sure the battle lines will be drawn soon. Don’t you know.. its Russia Russia Russia that anyone is talking about… meanwhile its off to war we go..


  6. Simply Linda Says:

    I saw that statement from Mattis the other day and thought, Gee…all it would take is one or two MOAB’s to clear the mess up, period.

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  7. bydesign001 Says:

    Good morning Bunkerville,

    You know as I’m reading this, the words, “Another chapter of the Obama legacy and that of his predecessor(s) live on.”

    ISIS fighters, their families along with their weapons and ammunitions were allowed to leave Raqqa. How does any of this make any sense to Americans?

    It doesn’t.

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  8. the unit Says:

    Very interesting, yes. As you say “Once again, …”
    From This Day In History:
    November 10, 1964 McNamara says that U.S. has no plans to send combat troops to Vietnam
    November 14, 1965 Major battle erupts in the Ia Drang Valley

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