Did Clinton break the law with ‘takeover’ of DNC?

Attorney Cleta Mitchell itemizes one more criminal act of the Clintons in an interview with Tucker Carlson. This time taking complete control of the DNC early on. Mitchell gives the inside scoop of how Hillary moved and shook the DNC to the party to the core. Of course she did all she could to knock out any and all opponents. Sessions? Paging Jeff Sessions? Another good interview by Tucker.

One lawyer says the deal between the Clinton campaign and the DNC in August of 2015 – which essentially turned over control of the DNC to the Clinton campaign – was in violation of federal campaign finance law.

40 Responses to “Did Clinton break the law with ‘takeover’ of DNC?”

  1. Mustang Says:

    Well, good … more investigations. The sad fact is that even if Hillary Clinton was the Arturo Toscanini of this entire debacle, there are so many layers between her and the joint-treasurer that Clinton will be able to look at the jury and say, “I did not know of any of this …” She’ll walk. No, wait … she’ll strut.

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  2. Did Hillary Clinton break the law with her takeover of the Democratic National Committee? | America's Watchtower Says:

    […] A hat tip is in order to Bunkerville for posting this and bringing it to my […]

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  3. Steve Dennis Says:

    If she is right, and I have no reason to believe she is not, this looks like a clear violation. Thanks for this, I am going to steal the video and post it. With a hat tip of course.

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  4. The Weekly Headlines – My Daily Musing Says:

    […] Did Clinton break the law with ‘takeover’ of DNC? […]

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  5. Mustang Says:

    BTW, I know when Hillary will come clean about all her crimes. It will be when the Ayatolla accepts Christ as his lord and savior. Plus, I called Mueller and told him that Hillary definitely violated the law by taking over the DNC. His response was “Meh.”

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  6. the unit Says:

    I think I remember there are some Marines who read and comment here. Happy 242nd Birthday USMC. 🙂

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  7. petermac3 Says:

    What she worry? Doesn’t Pant Suit Lady live in a sanctuary state? 🐀😜

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  8. hocuspocus13 Says:

    …they say

    Bill Clinton is Terrified!

    And wants his Darling Wife to Shut the F*ck up and get out of the SpotLight

    I must admit…

    I agree with Him

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  9. Simply Linda Says:

    Of course she broke the law, the bigger question is will she ever face charges? The simple answer is no. Sad to say.

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