NYC terrorist strike came via ‘Diversity Visa Program’ thank Chuck Schumer


The Mark Levin broadcast last night revealed that the latest terrorist to strike us here in NYC, washed up on our shores via the “Diversity Visa Program.” Needless to say, I lit up like a Christmas tree as I have been posting about the dangers of this program since my earliest days of blogging. We learn that this Visa program was thrust upon us by no less than Chuck Schumer according to Levin. The bill passed in 1990 and became effective in 1995. Here we go just for the memories:

Diversity Visa Lottery – a sure way to bring Terrorists into our midst

I first wrote a post back in 2010 about this absurd Diversity Visa program that allows thousands to come to the United States from terror ridden countries.  All in the name of political correctness that puts us all at risk. So our very lives now depend on the luck of the draw? If we are very lucky the ultimate power ball winners will not be terrorists who will come here to kill us. At the least, another drain on our society. Those will come who have no skills, health problems that we will have to take care of, a religion that has no respect to our Judeo-Christian heritage. Now? We have the concern of Ebola.

The Congressionally mandated Diversity Immigrant Visa Program makes available 50,000 diversity visas (DV) annually, drawn from random selection among all entries to persons who meet strict eligibility requirements from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States. They end up with Green cards can bring their extended families to the USA.

National Review:

The Diversity Visa (DV) program, to take just one glaring example of government insanity, is still going.

On October 1, the State Department opened the annual DV random lottery to applicants from around the world. Yes, it’s completely random, like a Powerball drawing. Up to 55,000 lucky winners will snag permanent residency visas (green cards), which put them on the path to American citizenship ahead of millions of other foreigners patiently waiting to come to this country.

The Diversity Visa lottery program is a public-health hazard and a national-security risk that leaves our safety to random chance. But pleas to curtail or end the program since the 9/11 attacks have fallen on deaf ears.

But if you come from a terror-sponsoring or terror-friendly nation — such as Iran, Syria, Sudan, North Korea, or more than a dozen officially designated terror enablers on the State Department’s list — no worries. Thousands from these breeding grounds for jihad will walk through our front doors.

You know who else will get in? Untold numbers of “diversity” petitioners from Liberia, Sierra Leone, and other West African countries where the Ebola virus is epidemic. If you think the feds will ensure that foreign visa-seekers with communicable diseases stay out, think again. The State Department now allows applicants with HIV to apply and enter. Those who suffer from tuberculosis, leprosy, or other afflictions “of public health significance” can apply for waivers. Unfortunately, there is no antidote for our government’s blind and deadly diversity worship. Political correctness is a plague on us all.

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January 5, 2010

State Department Using ‘Diversity Visas’ to Encourage Immigration to U.S. from Terror-Ridden Yemen

The State Department has awarded 1,011 special “diversity visas” allowing Yemeni nationals to immigrate to the United States since 2000, the year 17 U.S. sailors were killed when the USS Cole was attacked by terrorists in the Yemeni port of Aden.

The “diversity visas” are designed to encourage immigration from countries that do not otherwise send significant numbers of immigrants to the United States.

Green card hopefuls sue US over lottery lapse UPDATE July 13, 2011 — bunkerville

This one is just for giggles.

English Al-jazeera:

State department sued after 22,000 names that went forward for processing following lottery are withdrawn.

A group calling themselves the “22,000 Hopefuls” are suing the US state department to try and stop a re-drawing of its 2012 Diversity Lottery.

The 22,000 people had received a promise saying their applications had been accepted and would be considered from 19 million entrants after entering a yearly “Green Card lottery” programme offered by the US government.

But US officials later retracted the results after they said a computer glitch for drawing the people was discovered.

30 Responses to “NYC terrorist strike came via ‘Diversity Visa Program’ thank Chuck Schumer”

  1. Br Andrew's Muses Says:

    […] NYC terrorist strike came via ‘Diversity Visa Program’ thank Chuck Schumer […]


  2. The Weekly Headlines – My Daily Musing Says:

    […] NYC terrorist strike came via ‘Diversity Visa Program’ thank Chuck Schumer […]


  3. John R Liming Says:

    I would like your permission to scrape this article and repost it on “Musings Of An Imaginary Billionaire.” This is such a great article! A really great article! America needs to see it — everybody needs to see and read it …


  4. geeez2014 Says:

    We need to go back to 1950 immigration; you need to come in with enough money, or a job PROMISED to you, or a family willing to support you until you can. STOP bringing in these people who flee when their VISAs are up, START listening in at mosques…….when did America become a big dirty welcome mat?

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  5. Laura Bernard Mielcarek Says:

    I came home from work yesterday evening (5:30ish pm EDT), first thing my mom said was that there had been a terror attack in NYC. “Ashley!” I cried out. My mom, bless her heart, said, “She lives in Brooklyn.” Sigh.

    My daughter lives in Brooklyn, but works in Manhattan. I not so patiently explained that to my mom, while I called my daughter. My daughter’s first words were, “I’ve been waiting for someone to call me.” She didn’t even know what had happened, only that many of her coworkers kept getting calls from out of town relatives. She said she was many blocks north of the attack.

    I told her she had to move home immediately, she laughed. I then told her she was grounded to her room, she laughed.

    I really dislike her living out of state. Sigh.

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  6. Steve Dennis Says:

    You have been on this one for awhile, great job! This program is indefensible after this attack but of course Schumer defended it. Acosta is saying how wrong it is for Trump to politicize this attack and it is hard to ignore the hypocrisy of the left after they politicized Las Vegas. Ending the program is a no-brainer but of course I don’t think it will happen because the Republicans in the Congress are mostly open borders people.

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  7. petermc3 Says:

    What’s worse, knowing this muslim son of a bitch will spend his next 50-60 martyred years receiving the best health care on earth, care our veterans have a snowball’s chance in hell of receiving, along with a spanking brand new copy of the koran, a prayer rug and special meals or listening to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, one of the commie left’s loudest supporters of unlimited, anti- wall immigration along with sanctuary statehood for NY, endlessly pontificating since yesterday afternoon about generic terrorism and all he and the rest of the uncaring politicians and bureaucrats are doing to keep us safe. While prior to this event, what we racists on the right would call islamist terrorism, de Blasio was a cinch to win the mayoral race next week by10-15% will surely cruise to victory by 25-30% since now all NY’ers can see how much he cares for His people and their safety. Meanwhile the nation’s most brilliant terrorist/anti-terrorist minds are searching for clues to a motive for the latest murders by an advocate of the religion of peace. Also these eight murders are being cited as the worst terrorist attack on our shores since 9/11. What this tells us is that the San Bernardino and Miami slaughters along with the13 murders at Ft Hood by that muslim filth, still referred to as Major Hessan, doesn’t fall into the category as terrorism. NEWS FLASH: The spotlight and camera loving Chuckie Cheese Schumer is MIA!!!!

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  8. Simply Linda Says:

    When I first saw that last night, I said, “What the heck is the Diversity Visa Lottery Program?” I had forgotten all about that program. You can thank Chuckie baby Schumer, he was the leading democrat on that. DRAIN.THE.SWAMP.

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  9. Brittius Says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.

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  10. bydesign001 Says:

    Even worse, Bunkerville, do you know that I can’t find one person, neighbor or family member who is concerned or wants to talk about yesterday’s Islamic terrorist attack in Manhattan…six or seven blocks from the World Trade Center, outside of Stuyvesant High School?

    Each time I mentioned it to someone, they acted as if they were swatting away a fly. Even worse, these are my fellow New Yorkers. How frigging screwed are we?

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Very screwed I am afraid. The lemmings have reached acceptance of their fate apparently. There was no reason for this guy to be here. Period.

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      • the unit Says:

        Well, I heard it asked if we build a wall “who will cut our grass and clean our hotel rooms.” Now I guess, “but who will be our Uber drivers?” /sar

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    • Simply Linda Says:

      Bydesign001, Its because we have become so use to it, unfort. Same here…same here…we live in western NY and we are (folks here) so sick of the activities (lack of) that DeBlasio has going on, that and the governor don’t care that their nonactivity/liberal ways affects every New Yorker, not just the city folks.


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