Clinton’s Laureate Education Company – latest scam to hit the news, Execs quit

This latest Clinton reveal is sure to be a headliner in the days to come. I first posted about this back in 2016 as one of the greatest money laundering scams that preyed on the unsuspecting and helped make the Clinton rich. This past February, having plundered as much as they could, it was dreamed up to start an IPO trying to extort even more via the stock market. All of the top executives have quit- within a few months of the IPO. They apparently know more, much more than what has been revealed. The Daily Caller writes a wandering piece, so I have included my earlier post as well. It’s Columbus Day, so if you have a few extra minutes do read the latest update as this reveals in glorious ways just what sociopaths the Clinton’s are:

Top Executives Ditch Clinton’s Laureate Education Company  reads the headline. Top executives at a company with ties to former President Bill Clinton called Laureate Education are leaving the firm only months after they launched its IPO.

The Baltimore-based company became an issue during the 2016 presidential election campaign when the public learned it paid Clinton nearly $18 million over a period of five years to serve as a consultant and “honorary chancellor.”

The firm also faced accusations it operated as a “pay-to-play” company by donating between $1 to $5 million to the Clinton Foundation while receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in government funds.Laureate Education has been closely entwined with the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation. In addition to $17.6 million the company paid to Bill Clinton and its donations to the foundation, both the foundation and Laureate have held joint programs. More at  Daily Caller  with latest info

From my previous post: The Clinton’s get rich off of promoting world’s largest for-profit Universit  

While the media is quick to attack Trump and his rebuttal outrage regarding Trump University, Bill Clinton and thus his little lady Hillary as well are getting rich on Bill’s being paid and promoting the world’s largest for-profit University with sharp business practices,…. well, I’m getting ahead of myself. You read the fine points from American Thinker: (Update at the Daily Caller link at end of post)

As accusations swirl around Donald Trump for the complaints filed against Trump University, few people know about how Bill Clinton was hired in 2010 to be Chancellor for the Laureate Network, the world’s largest for-profit university network.

Not just Bill Clinton but other Clinton friends from the past were hired to promote the university.  Investors in the vast multinational university include Henry Kravis, George Soros, Steve Cohen and Paul Allen.  One of the investors in Laureate University, SAC Capital Advisors LP, is a hedge fund that had to pay a $1.2 billion dollar settlement to the US Dept. of Justice to settle allegations of insider trading.

One student named Larissa Da Silva complains that when she enrolled in IBMR, a Brazilian branch of Laureate, the admissions officer promised her a 30 percent discount on tuition.  Two years later the deal evaporated and her monthly tuition cost jumped to 791 reais.  She summarized the change of policy by stating “I feel completely deceived.”  Apparently the fine print states that grants and tuition discounts may be temporary, so it’s her fault for not lawyering up before she enrolled in the Clinton-promoted college.

Bill Clinton has personally been paid to make appearances promoting Laureate University in countries such as Malaysia, Peru and Spain.  By January 2014 Laureate University had 800,000 students worldwide and its annual revenue was $4 billion, far larger than the revenues of Trump University.

Laureate has taken over struggling colleges by using high-pressure marketing tactics such as “turbocharging enrollment” using students as telemarketers.  Laureate University was investigated by the Rio State Legislature’s Investigative Commission on Private Universities in Brazil.   Robson Leite, a Rio state legislator who led the probe concluded:  “They have turned education into a commodity that focuses more on profit than knowledge”

What voters may soon realize is that every time the media attack Donald Trump for something, it turns out that the Clintons were involved first, to a far greater extent.  This also proves what Trump has been saying; that the media are very dishonest and focus only on him.

Read more: American Thinker

18 Responses to “Clinton’s Laureate Education Company – latest scam to hit the news, Execs quit”

  1. Steve Dennis Says:

    The rats fleeing the sinking ship, I love it! Good find, I hope this is only the beginning…

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  2. Hootin' Anni Says:

    Just last night, when I couldn’t get to sleep I was trying to figure out just WHERE in Canada I may relocate. Now, after reading this….I am grabbing a map to see.

    You say: “What voters may soon realize is that every time the media attack Donald Trump for something, it turns out that the Clintons were involved first, to a far greater extent. This also proves what Trump has been saying; that the media are very dishonest and focus only on him.”…..not only that but the sexual harassment news and firing of the dude [no name here] in Hollywood, and months ago M. Streep and Cher both “Loved” this guy, and hated Trump’s Locker Room conversations….double standards all the way around this country and fraud, crookedness, lying…etc. etc. etc..

    The C family is tops on my list!


    • Hootin' Anni Says:

      ps….that dollar bill makes me ill just looking at it….eww!! Heaven forbid to have their faces on our currency.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Its a tough one.. I see/heard nothing in the MSM about this…If it were Trump the SEC would be all over him… Where is Sessions and the FBI? Clearly the top executives figured there was trouble or they would have stayed around.


  3. petermac3 Says:

    …just surprised they didn’t buy Taco Bell so they could offer an organic lunch program.

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  4. Clinton’s Laureate Education Company – latest scam to hit the news, Execs quit | 4frespeech Says:

    […] Source: Clinton’s Laureate Education Company – latest scam to hit the news, Execs quit […]

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  5. hocuspocus13 Says:

    The Clinton’s have “earned” their title well

    The most corrupt politicians in the USA

    LOCK ‘EM UP!

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  6. Simply Linda Says:

    He/Trump is correct…what the Clintons are doing looks to be a Ponzi Scheme. I wish they would just go away….so tired of hearing her royal whininess.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      It is so aggravating when these stories rear their head again after they should have been a headliner years ago. I can’t resist posting the updates . Each time I think this criminal act will do them in, but alas not. These were students from around the world that they preyed on. Talk about taking a village… how about stealing the village.

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  7. Brittius Says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.

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