Eyes on Britain – What happens with all the Muslim babies?

Eyes on Britain

By Mustang

A recent article in The Daily Mail warned British citizens that because of the ever-expanding number of births among Middle Eastern families, there won’t be enough room in public schools by the year 2022/2023.

According to the article by Eleanor Harding, almost half of the educational councils in England will not have enough secondary school places in five years’ time following a baby-boom fueled by migration.  Council leaders warn that more than 125,000 children face missing out on a secondary school seat by the 2022 school year unless “urgent action is taken.”  By urgent action, I assume that Eleanor is talking about massive increases in local taxes.

In England, the areas of Manchester, Leicester, and Islington in North London will be the worst hit by this crisis (areas with high populations of Moslems), which as it turns out already have more pupils than places for the coming year.  But the threat extends well beyond the high-immigrant areas of London.  The figures of the Local Government Association (LGA), using data supplied by the Department of Education, offer projections based on higher birth-rates among immigrant populations.  Even now, the gerbil-like procreation within Moslem populations has caused a strain on elementary schools.  Currently, twelve school councils will run out of places for students with an estimated number extending to 23 councils in the next school year.  Bottom line … a short-fall of 49% within 123 councils.  Eleanor tells us that “600,000 additional primary places will be required by the 2022/2023 school year.”

We could round this figure up to one-million just to simplify the argument.

I have long held the belief that you don’t change a tiger’s stripes simply by moving him from his natural habitat to a zoo in the midwestern United States.  Moslems do not give up their Islamic mandate of procreation simply because they’ve migrated to a western country.  Of course, I suppose we could presume that Moslems living in America (or anywhere else in the west) embrace monogamy, or that they are all honest folk who pay their fair share of state and local taxes (which support such things as local schools), but I suspect the opposite.  I do wonder how many Moslem women with children (in some societies, referred to as whores)  sired by polygynous men, draw public assistance as part of their “invasion of the infidel” program.  On the other hand, if there is anyone out there who thinks that migrated Moslems (or their descendants) now (suddenly) embrace monogamy, or western civics —I have a bridge for sale at a very good price.

Since the chickens seem to be coming home to roost, maybe Americans should take note of this situation.

What do you think?


9 Responses to “Eyes on Britain – What happens with all the Muslim babies?”

  1. petermc3 Says:

    Britain continues on its path of self destruction which began following WW II. Distracted by the Beatles, Carnaby Street and 007 many of us thought of ourselves as anglophiles. No chance of that illusion repeating itself unless one longs for a death cult overtaking the island replete impenetrable ghettos, filthy streets everywhere, hijabs, niquabs and burqas, dirty nightshirts and Nike’s. Makes one long for the days of Twiggy and mini-skirts….surely one day to be outlawed under pain of death. And finally as we all know the logical extension of socialism as seen time and time again around the world is genocide. Will Amerika be the last domino to fall, only time will tell.


  2. Kid Says:

    I read a few months back moslem women in the EU countries were ordered to have at least 5 kids. This is full scale islamic caliphate going on in Europe. It is stunning how it seems none of these EU ‘leaders’ know the first thing about islam.

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  3. Simply Linda Says:

    I had to giggle over Brittius’ comment. I can tell you with utmost certainty, indeed, these young college folks cant even write a essay or a paragraph and the grammar comprises of “brb, lol, cya etc.” Not to mention their spelling is horrible. Just a sad state we live in.

    Not much more I can say, Bunkerville, since I agree with what your saying. smiles


  4. David Montaigne Says:

    What cannot continue, won’t. Economic collapse still seems likely to lead to social collapse and war, as described in my books. Will it come soon, before too much more social damage occurs, or will it be dragged out so long that the damage is irreversible? I guess the West would be better off if Great Depression II and WWIII come sooner rather than later, because the Socialist Utopia seems very unlikely….

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  5. Brittius Says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Concerning the Western world, we have only seen the vicious ones, and rarely see the people who are trying to find some sane ground coping with their beliefs.
    The radicals sporn a vicious crop. Yet the radicals and Western hating ones, go unchecked, ignored, and, unnoticed.
    Decades ago, it was preached that American families should have fewer children to allow a better life and more opportunities, and we see today, where lower birth rates gave Marxist manipulators, the means to infest the nations, with those who never should have been allowed to enter or remain, unlawfully or otherwise. The answer could possibly be bloodshed. History is repeating itself in Europe and America will be caught in its whirlwind. So, the question becomes, will our nation become more hardcore or, simply whimper into the rolls of failed societies? Religion is weak. No Good Citizenship, taught in schools. Common core. College grads reading on elementary school levels. People speak without thinking. Vocabulary selection, devolved. Animal rages accepted as normal behavior. Degenerate behaviors accepted as normal.
    I’m glad that I am old, and life will be over soon. Too many if not most of, the younger generations are imbeciles or uncaring about anything except what is on television, or how they can drone their way through life.
    Makes me feel like I wasted my life.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I appreciate your thoughts and feelings… . How we respond and how we deal with it are the challenges we were given. I recall my parents thought we were through in the 1960’s… but it simply spawned a generation of more of them. Keep the faith and know we hit the DNA lottery for time and place to do our thing on this earth.

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    • hocuspocus13 Says:

      Those imbeciles are the ones front and center for some unknown reason to myself


      We do have here in America intelligent bright young people they seem to lay low

      Which according to my Italian American GrandParents is the smart way to get things done without anyone stopping you!

      Keep The Faith

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