The Liberal Contribution


The Liberal Contribution       Guest Post by Mustang

What have liberals given us? Let’s begin by defining liberalism, realizing that it must be a time-stamped definition. We should examine the term liberalism based on these two classifications: classic liberalism vs. neo-liberalism.

In the former classification, we mean to say a political philosophy involving liberty, equality, freedom of speech, a free press, religious tolerance, free-market capitalism, civil rights, and societal cooperation.

By neo-liberalism, we mean progressivism, which is the support of social reform, or the advancement of science, technology, economic development, and social organization. In practical terms, it means the adoption of a 170-year old notion supporting communism.

In classic liberalism, we are reminded of the early American founders, who gave us the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments to the US Constitution). In the latter definition, we find the general acceptance of communism … embracing the philosophy of Karl Marx, or to be specific, the repudiation of classic-liberalism.

Thus, we define the political differences between Americans as those on the right (conservatives seeking to maintain classic liberalism), and those on the left (those seeking to change America from what its founders intended to Marxism). There are profound differences in these two camps. It is much more than a war on words; it is beneath the surface, what these words mean as expressed by those who utter them. Conservatives (those on the right) want to maintain the ideals of our founding fathers—as expressed in the American constitution (and Bill of Rights), while the liberals (those on the left) wish to redefine the Constitution and Bill of Rights according to how they envision America ought to be. In my view, how it ought to be, according to liberals, is nothing like how our founding fathers intended it.

What are the accomplishments of American conservatives?

Conservative ideology gave us federalism, independent courts, the Panama Canal, the Interstate Highway System, Labor Laws, environmental laws that take into account the interests of business and the welfare of the American people, space exploration, the suppression of fascist regimes throughout the world, public education, and the Hoover Dam Project. Conservatives favor the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the US Constitution, small government, law and order(1), preserving western civilization, religious freedom (which is to say theological accountability), the separation of government and religion, limited government regulation, strong national defense, opposition to the concept of globalism, and opposition to globalization.

Conservatives believe in the foundations of the American Republic. Liberals subscribe to expanding these views beyond the US Constitution, including national welfare, interference in State sovereignty, national healthcare, higher taxes, and liberal immigration policies.

What do conservatives advocate?

· Maintain traditional American values

· Support the values associated with western civilization

· Implementation of conservative economic policies

· Oppose global communism and Islamist extremism

· Foster individual liberty

· Limit government power and control over the people

· Oppose high taxes and limit government spending

We will now examine examples of neo-liberalism as a juxtaposition to conservative values. What we have observed among liberals over the past few years is anything but Americanism. Liberal groups have demanded curtailment of freedom of expression if, in the opinion of liberals, verbal or oral expression offends any group of people within society. Their notion is one that inhibits free expression, which is counter to the First Amendment to the US Constitution. Their ideology is an updated rendition of Mao’s 1960’s cultural revolution; here I will offer several examples of liberal anti-Americanism(2):

· In June 2016, a liberal male was arrested in Las Vegas after attempting to grab a police officer’s weapon, telling authorities that he wanted the gun in order to kill Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump.

· In July 2016, a supporter of Hillary R. Clinton set an American flag on fire. In that same month, liberal protesters damaged automobiles and fought with supporters of Donald J. Trump in San Jose, California.

· In August 2016, anti-Trump protesters physically assaulted attendees at a Trump political rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

· In August 2016, a citizen was assaulted at a Tennessee garage sale because he was wearing a pro-Trump T-shirt. Later in the month, a New Jersey conservative was attacked with a crowbar during a political rally.

· Later in the year, a Republican Party office was firebombed and spray-painted with a Nazi symbol, a high school student was attacked for announcing on social media that she supported presidential candidate Trump, and in November, the president of College Republicans at Cornell University was assaulted by Hillary Clinton supporters.

· In December 2016, an “anti-bullying” “black lives matter” advocate was arrested after she shoved an injured a 74-year old man outside Trump Towers in New York City.

· In January 2017, a Trump supporter was knocked unconscious when anti-Republican protesters repeatedly beat him on the head.

· In April 2017, a parade in Oregon was cancelled after self-identified liberals threatened to use violence against anyone participating in the celebration.

· In May 2017, Republican Tom Garrett and his family received death threats. Later that month, the FBI arrested persons threatening to shoot Republican Representative Martha McSally.

· A college professor was arrested for assault and battery of people supporting Donald J. Trump. Three individuals were hospitalized in this assault.

· Democrat and Senator Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson shot five Republican members of congress during a GOP baseball practice.

· A riot in Charlottesville, Virginia resulted when so-called “anti-Fascist” and “Black Lives Matter” demonstrators attacked a group of rally-approved “white nationalist” activists. One liberal anti-Fascist demonstrator attacked the crowd with an automobile, killing one of his own demonstrators and injuring 19 other persons.

As to the foregoing, we have not credited the impact of the left-leaning/communist American press. Here is what we do know: the news media seriously distorts public reaction to Donald J. Trump and/or the conservative agenda. It is a matter of seeing only what they wish to see, which in order to make any sense at all, must be part of the leftist narrative. Choosing to publish stories that reflect the conservative right in a bad light while ignoring the atrocities of the liberal left is nothing more than professional malfeasance. Meanwhile, the American left continues to pursue the Law of Merited Impossibility, which holds that “even though it will never happen, you bigoted conservatives will deserve it.”

Postscript (1) and (2):

Let me add two postscripts: by “Law and Order,” I mean to suggest laws that apply to everyone equally. It does not mirror the leftist definition, otherwise Hillary Clinton would be in prison right now. In addition, research for the examples of anti-American behavior was provided by my good friend Bob Farmerie.



16 Responses to “The Liberal Contribution”

  1. 0jr Says:

    It’s cultural marxism


  2. 0jr Says:

    all those good attributes are not exclusive to them and not even attributable to them. liberalism =degeneracy to any and all social status quo attributes


  3. The Weekly Headlines – My Daily Musing Says:

    […] The Liberal Contribution […]

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  4. hocuspocus13 Says:

    “White Nationalist”

    This was one of the goals at Charlottesville to blend together

    White Nationalists


    White Supremacist

    Which are completely two different groups

    Nationalist: well…I’m one of those for starters and you may be to

    It’s someone who is a Patriot and loves their Country


    Supremacist: who believe their race is the one and only true race and want to rid the Country of all other races

    The 2 are like Oil and Water

    But very unfortunately the thugs of AntiFa and their financial supporters have succeeded in lumping the 2 groups together

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Spot on and I am sure it is no accident.


      • bunkerville Says:

        It will have to change the name Unit..


    • the unit Says:

      Yeah, “They’ve”, the “revisionists” changed all the definitions. Twenty-five or so years ago when I got interested, I looked up the definitions of liberal, conservative, reactionary, and radical. I said to myself, I’m for freedom and liberty so I’m a liberal when all along I thought I’m a conservative.
      The other day I got my life insurance bill from The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company. There you go. Old Lincoln was by old definition a Nationalist, for wanting to save the Union and is credited with doing so. And he was white wasn’t he? So I think he was a White Nationalist. Both labels bad now. So maybe that’s why whoever burned and defiled Lincoln’s bust in Chicago did it.


    • the unit Says:

      P.S. And the dictionary 25 years ago was then 32 years old. 🙂


  5. Simply Linda Says:

    Great post. On Mustang’s and Bunkerville’s comment about the education system, right on. I taught in the public schools in my younger days and when I had my son it was agreed upon that we would homeschool, which we did. We homeschooled our son all the way through. Shocking, I know as our families did not support that endeavor. Was he ridiculed? Yep, did he miss out on “social” things, nope. He had a well rounded education, although it was based on Christian values and not social values or morals. The education system is lacking and truly failing our students, wholly agree.

    Great post, Mustang.

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  6. Mustang Says:

    Let me add two postscripts: by “Law and Order,” I mean to suggest laws that apply to everyone equally. It does not mirror the leftist definition, otherwise Hillary Clinton would be in prison right now. In addition, research for the examples of anti-American behavior was provided by my good friend Bob Farmerie.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Added postscript.


  7. Brittius Says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    When I was in high school, a teacher was openly communist and a member of the American Communist Party. He vilified me for enlisting. He stated the goal since the 1930s was to influence students early. He was the “idol” of most of the leftist teachers. The teachers who I liked all called him a commie bastard and wished him dead.

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    • Mustang Says:

      I feel certain that the National Education Association has long-embraced the statement of Vladimir Lenin: “Give us the child for eight years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.” Do parents care about this? No … not as long as the school gives them bumper stickers that read “My Child is an Honor Student Among a Campus Full of Idiots.”

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      • bunkerville Says:

        New York Schools features Van Jones anti-cop lesson plan
        Might be of interest–


      • Mustang Says:

        Spot on, Bunks.

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      • Brittius Says:


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